Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would consider the worst part of my school to be the janitorial service for the freshman dorms. It might be surprising that this is the worst aspect of this school to me, but so many of the other aspects are out standing. The classes are small, from twenty to fifty students but many in the twenties, and great learning enviroments. The students are very kind and quick to make friends. The quality of the campus food serrvices is very good. The dorms are superb. I have completed one full semester and am completely satisfied with the rigorous classes.


I would consider the worst thing about this school is the merger where we were just acquired by a larger school. As an engineering student, part of the reason that I chose this school dealt with the name that would be on my degree upon graduation. An engineering degree from Southern Polytechnic looks great to employers. I fear that as a result of the merger, my engineering degree won't carry the same effect saying "Kennesaw State University" as opposed to "Southern Polytechnic State University"


This school is awesome, there is nothing I find bad about it. The only thing I find slightly annoying is the other students, I've never been a people person.


The worst thing about my school is our lack of parking for on-campus residents. On multiple occasions, I had to park in the commuter parking lot, which resulted in a ticked.


This school has some pretty old buildings from WWI.


The retention, progression, and graduation rate is low because we have many student that transfer to othe universities.


I think the worst thing about my school is that its getting hard to afford the on campus living. The campus is so small that its much easier to just walk to all my classes so not staying on campus makes it hard to get to classes on time. It seems that ever semester the price rises a bit and it makes it harder for me to afford it.


The lack of sports, in particular football. I am an avid sports fan; however, football is favored. The fact that I cannot play, or even cheer for my college's football program is a little disappointing.


My school is a small school compared to most and so we only have students in the three to four thousand range.




The classes are hard. the school takes its education very serious and it is difficult to balance it all and still do well.


The worst thing about our school is that we need more participation from alumnis. We don't have as much support from them as we should. The next would be more sororities and fraternities. I think it would liven up the campus a bit more!


The dead weekends are probably the worst thing about my school. Theres literally nothing to do here on the weekends, so having noone here just adds to the boredom.


The worst thing at Southern Poly is lack of unity the student body has. Students never seem to come together to take on issues around our school, such as the rising cost of education. The fees have skyrocketed over the past few years that I have attended the institution and nobody seems to want to do anything about it. Since no one comes together, the students at our school have no voice.


I can't point out the worst thing about Southern Polytechnic as of now, but i am sure i will eventually.


Some teachers should take more time out to go over material more in depth. The university gives them a timeline of things from the class description to get done within the semester, but they need to see when the class as a whole is not getting the subject, and allocate more time for going over it. The professor has the discretion to slow up a bit or continue along without regard to the student's grasp of that subject matter. The latter shouldn't be happening, but, it does on other campuses, and SPSU isn't an exception at times.


If I had to pick a worse thing about Southern Poly, it would have to be how the Technology departments seem to have gotten the short end of the stick. By Technology depatrments I mean Civil Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department, etc. These depatments are much older and currently the CET department is using the old maintenance building. I understand that Southern Poly is trying to expand and add more programs, which they did by building the new engineerng building where Civil Enigeering, Mechanical Engineering, etc. is taught. I just wish that they focused on the Technology department some more.


I think the worst thing about our school is that there are tons of foreign professors. Having them are good for the foreign exchange students but i am having a tough time learning the subjects they teach. Not being able to understand my professors is causing me to have to go to tutoring on top of my full schedule.


The thing that I find worse about Southern Polytechnic is the lack activities to participate in, with regards to sports. I recently started a swim club on campus, because I love to swim, but in years past, I didn't have any sports to participate in. The social experience at SPSU isn't at all like other campuses, and I have found, that just based on swim club, I have met a lot more people and have finally become happy with the activities at Southern Poly.


Seperation of majors. There is not much interaction between certain majors once CORE classes are complete.


Housing, only the new suites are good. All the other options are very rund down.


That worst thing about southern polytechnics that i can think of is the lack of socializing. Due to the small amout out students,compared to other universities, that attend this university you are forced to join multiple organzation to truely net work. Though this is something you should do anyways, it is often hard on the students during the first year or so.


Worst thing about this school are the roads and pathways. There are quite a few poleholes on the road (which are being repair/filled), and cracks on uneven walkway across the campus.


I haven't experienced anything bad about my school yet. Its a great university. One thing that was difficult for me, however, was the registration process. I enrolled in classes the week of orientation and the registrar's office was just super busy, so it was hard to get some of my personal registration issues resolved.


Most of the staff is great - there are just a few who aren't. The ones who aren't are really bad. They are few and far between, but do exist.


Southern Polytechnic State University may be a superb school academically and socially; however, the school has a major flaw. This academic year the school charged $698 in mandatory fees! These fees are required whether the student uses the service or not. After all of these astronomical fees, the school still manages to charge for using the recreational hall facilities, for which a portion of the fees was dedicated to the "recreation fee." SPSU may offer great activities, but at such a cost they become unpleasant.


I believe the worst thing about my school would be the policy that requires any students living in the dorms and "Hornet Suites" to buy a meal plan. Unfortunately, I will be living in the "Hornet Suites," and had the meal plan not been required, I wouldn't be so unhappy to live there. I do believe it is a nice place to live, but it is already more expensive that the 2x2 apartments on its own without the meal plan.


The lack of morning math classes.


The customer service to the students are not as good as they should be. They are inefficient in getting things done. For example, they took forever to process my financial aid. In addition, all the different services are located in different buildings throughout the campus when it would be a lot better if they were all in one location.


so far i consider the worst thing about my school is the class rooms with old furniture that are falling apart.


The activities mostly surround what guys want to do because there's a 4 to1 guy to girl ratio here. For instance the basketball competitions.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the limit on it's minors. They've only recently started the engineering program and therefore the minor for engineering are very slim right now. I hope before the time I gradutate there will be more so I will be able to persue them.


The availability of night classes. I'm working days and would like more night classes.


I suppose it would be the same for most schools, but the worst part about my school is the way teachers are allowed to grade students at their own discretion.


Their is really nothing bad to say about SPSU. However, the worst thing I can say about the school is that they dont have a variety of food choices on campus. In comparision, to other college campuses, i.e. KSU, they have several food choices, including chik-fil-a, pizza hut, and burger king. Other than the food choices, everything else is GREAT.


As a nontraditional student, I'm disappointed that there are not more resources available us. There is a different set of obstacles that nontraditional students face than recent high school graduates. It would be nice to have a way to interact with students of a similar background.


no football team


Its an engineering focused school, the ratio of male to female is horrible.


the worst thing at SPSU is that meny of the student or shut-ins. They pefer to keep to themselves. becasue of this the is not much to do on campus. when there is an event open to everyone, not many show up. This can prove to be an issue when trying to meet new people.


The lack of activities on the weekends and on any day but Wednesday and Thursday, Honors program included.


The worst thing about my school is it's inability to relate to it's students on a student-by-student basis. There are a wide variety of students (working, non-working, non-traditional, etc.) with a wide variety of needs that are not being met. This school can be inconvient at times with the way the setup class times and address people's financial aid needs.


The worst thing about my school is the distance that I must drive to get there. As a commuter student I must wake up early and get there before I catch morning traffic. Living on campus would be a great advantage but I am unable to do so because of financial costs. I like going to Southern Poly, it is a great school where you feel as if your are in a professional place.


The worst thing i consider about my school is the catering service. We have pretty much the same choices everyday. It would be nice if they would spice it up a little.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the cafateria. Although it has nothing to do with academics, it plays a great roll in the college experience. I feel as though the food at my old high school was just as good. There are sometimes issues where the might run out of a certain food or the temperature of the food is not where it should be. I believe this is an impportant issue because in order for me to get the best eduaction I must be healthy and food plays a major roll in that area.


There are no big sports around here, so it is difficult to get some students more active in campus life.


I wish campus life at my school was more developed and a bit ore girls would not hurt either.


I don't know yet because I just transferred from another school.


The amount of Financial Aid awarded by SPSU itself. I believe there is only one scholarship available. Other than that, this university is pretty well off. There are a lot of new buildings being constructed and I feel confident in that my degree will mean something to potential employers.


The fact that there is not to much to do on the weekends or during the week as far as activities go and parking is getting worse but i think it will be getting better once construction is done. Hopefully the construction will be done soon.


I believe that, while not terrible, the parking and alot of areas just aren't designed for the in-flux of students. But they are quickly working to build and expand to accomodate.