Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I am a nerd that loves sports so I do fit in with the guys that go to the game and all that but there arent any of those guys at spsu and if there are they're few and far away.


There are not more resources available for students who are taking concentration classes in International Studies field in regards to preparing for tests and seminars and getting advice from someone who is a professional in the same field that you are working towards.


Finding the time to study with all the activities in and around campus.


The only frustrating aspect about my school is tuition and my long drive. I live about an hour away and am working on moving to campus. As a poor college student, high tuition and gas hurt me financially.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that my professors assume I remember everything from high school.


There is a lack of social life on campus. There are clubs and activities sponosored by the students and the school but there's nothing really amazing. There isn't a lot of hardcore partying here. This is not a party school but if you are into that, then you can try the fraternities. The weekends are pretty dead on campus as well. Not to say that nothing goes on here or there's no fun, just depends on you're interests.


The most frustrating thing about Southern Poly is the lack of math study groups and tutors as well as the long drive from my house. I see a math tutor at school once a week but I can only go from 10:00 to 10:50 because I have class the rest of the day that there's tutors, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have work compined with the fact I can't afford to drive all the way to school five times a week.


The most frustrating thing about SPSU is the limited clubs for those who don't like the


I've only been attending the school for two months now. So I can't really find or think of anything that's frustrating to me.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is not really known beyond the South East United States. I might be reciving degree comparable to one from Ga Tech but Ga Tech is known world wide as where SPSU is not.


it is very disorganized and there is no school pride.


The lack of females, with the current male:female ratio being 4:1, is the only frustrating thing about this school.


There were some issues with Financial Aid but everything was resolved. Some teachers do not respond to emails, they prefer to interact through the phone.


Sometimes finding a parking spot becomes a headache.


the housing paymet are a kind of high. and when you are looking to have fun, everyone else might be busy with class work.


Not being able to have the sororities I want here (although it iss not the school's fault)


The most frustrating thing is ratio of males to females. Because this school focuses more on engineering more guys are enrolled in the institution. Me, being a female, I am always surrounded by alot of guys, which makes it a little bit frustrating.


The social life at this school is frustrating. Most people stick to certain groups of people and dont usually migrate out of that. I personally have experienced this, even though I am outgoing as far as the social aspect goes. Also, most people here are what one might consider "nerdy," thus, they don't leave the confines of their room and don't usually allow others into their space.


the most Fustrating thing at SPSU is the organization of documentation. they will tell you you have an issue with housing payment for example, and when you check there is no problem. and they hold back your grade because of that mistake made.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the ratio between male and female students. Because the school is mainly for some form of engineering, not many females attend. It is kind of weird coming from high school where the ratio was about equal and coming to a school where there may be no more than four or five girls in your class. For some it may be beneficial but it takes away from the college experience of socializing with other students.


the courses are too demanding


Financial Aid employees are disrespectful and unhelpful. Professors aren't very organized. School buildings are old. Computers tend to be broken.


The most frustrating aspect of my school is the finacial aid portion. They are not error free and have made mistakes upon my account. I even lost a fincial aid due to my gpa and I didnt know until I looked myself. They never called to tell me.


There is VERY little social activity on campus. Some of the students that attend this school are seemingly socially-inept. The meal plan that you are required to purchase if you live in the dorms is totally unflexible, and the quality of the food they serve you is not kosher by any means.


The most frustrating things about my school would have to be the fact that on the weekends there is nothing to do due to the fact that it is a small mostly local school and most people tend to go home over the weekends.