Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the best thing about spsu is by far knowing that everyone has the same or very simmilar field that they are studying in so the networking possibilities are unparralell to any other universities.


The small class sizes are the best part. It allows you to have interaction with the professor and actually get to know them. If you go to a larger school, you are just another number in the professor's mind, and they can't really keep track of how you are performing.


Online class availability. Experienced faculty who are willing to work with you and help you.


The size of classes: with small classes you can learn a whole lot more, teachers know you on a first name basis and you can ask questions to the professors who give you undivided attention. This type of education cannot be found in larger engineering colleges.


There is a diverse group of students at SPSU. I also think another great thing about SPSU is the fact that its small, yet you still get a large school feeling. Its a great school.


The focus on a career oriented field and the focus on all students having a job before they even graduate by having a very well respected local name with companies and businesses around the area.


I think that the school does the best it can do to help out in almost all ways possible.


I think it is the atmosphere and how much the professor actually care about each individual student.


The best thing at the school would have to be the diversity of the students. I am in architecture, and in my classes, people from many countries bring their opinions about architecture to the table. It opens up the possibilities in architecture, as well as allows me to understand the various cultures and their lifestyles. Not only that, but it's interesting to learn about other countries and the people that live in them.


This university has a great engineering program to where it is very competitive with the top egineering school here in the state of Georgia that would be Georgia Tech. The number of students enrolled are not alot which makes it good for a better student-professor relationship where the interaction between students and professors are at a high level. The university is in a very remote area and the traffic is not too busy which makes an ideal university for students who want an easy commute to school but also want the feeling of being close to alot of businesses.


Southern Polytechnic is a great school because of the teachers. The teachers really want to help their students and are always availible after class or in their offices. On top of that the class sizes are small so the teachers are able to interact with students much more than other schools.


The best thing about my school is the classroom sizes. We generally have a number of students no higher the 40 in a class room. This allows the teachers to actually get to know the students


It has great engineering programs: the only mechatronics program in the south east Small school and great professors/staff: professor get to know you and help you. People that care about school. School helps you find a job/internship/co-op.


The natural feeling with the availability of the city down the road. We have woods that we can go into, but we can also walk to Wal-mart if we don't have a car too. Plenty of faculty who are willing to help you with whatever you need or, at least, direct you to where/who you need to go to.


Unique majors that I was looking for that applied to what I wanted to do.


Because it is a technology based school it creates an environment that brings like minded individuals together. Thus, providing a great place to pick another "geek's" brain.


Southern Polytechnic State University always has fun and exciting events presented by the many organizations and clubs. This school truly keeps their students entertained with activities. The school supports everything including: movies and foreign films, campus wide water gun battles, recycling and going green, and currently research to help relieve the Haitians' affected by the earthquake. Southern Polytechnic State University provides an excellent academic environment and a superior campus life making this school one of the best schools in Georgia.


The best thing about SPSU is the level of hand-on, interactive, and in-depth training each student can get in his or her studies.


I feel that some of the higher points of SPSU are that the professors really are enthusiastic about the subject they teach; also they new buildings and student parking are in the best intersts, which I believe is the sign of a great college.


I love how hands-on the education is here compared to schools like GA Tech. We really get to learn how to do things and be practical instead of just theoretical.


The best thing about the school is that it is a smaller college. You know the people walking around campus. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. It's more than just a school, its a community that you grow in. This motivates me and others to do better in school and also builds lifelong connections and friends.


The Electrical Engineering department is amazing.


I would consider the student-teacher ratio to be the best. This fact allows the teachers to help the indivitual student on a deeper level. Accordingly, the students will then have the ability to excel in many more areas, than if he/she would have been able to by themselves.


My school has a great personality. The professors are amazing to their students and always willing to help. There are smaller class sizes so it is easy to get to know ur peers and prefessor so you all feel like a family.


The size. I love how our school is like a small community. You can get to know alot of people which makes the campus even more fun to be on while in college.


The way the professors really seem to care and interact with the students.


The classes are pretty small and it allows the professors to give more individual help so students are more likely to do well.


They have a diverse alumni who are failthful to the school and are always looking for ways to help the school


The class sizes are great and, for the most part, the professors know what they are talking about and are pretty helpful. Also, there are labs for almost every major-related class that you take, which helps offer a TON more hands-on experience than if you were taking a class that was lecture only.


That it allows minority students like myself to graduate from college with a bachelor degree.


Small classes because the teaching is more personlized.