Southern Technical College-Fort Myers Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Honestly, due to the fact that I dropped out and traveled for 16 years before even getting my GED. I would first recommend myself to get the GED straight out of high school and turn it in to a diploma. Beings in California you are able to study your 2 weakest subjects and get your H.S. Diploma. Then my next recommendation would be to actually go to college before choosing to have a child. For many years I had the freedom of not worrying about anything but what I was going to eat or where to sleep. Now having a child I must maintain a residence where it is safe to lay him down. As well I must have plenty of food and find some way for him to be watched. even though I waited until I was older to have a child, due to experiences I was able to observe of th difficulties my sister had as a teenage mother. One thing I would absolutely recommend is traveling first and gaining the experiences that one may gain through such an experience. experiences such as living in Hawaii or hiking through the Redwoods. Live and love life!!!


Never procastinate it will catch up to you. Never give up! Always ask alot of questions. Have fun while you learn. Don't be shy, join a club.


The best advice I would have given myself as a high school senior is that I would have said " Go follow your dreams, do not listen to what others are saying" Get your degree now tdo not wait till you are older. There are so much that you can do let your dreams come true. Remember when you are older and you are adult, you will have more responabilities from taken care of a family , a career, and trying to go to school. Think wisely about your future.


If could go back in time, I definitely would. My first request would've been to get straight A's. I would tell myself I need to stay home and study instead of going off with my friends. The better the grades, the better the Scholarship. That would really come in hand now. I would also make sure I was in every club possible. The more you show that you are commited the more you may receive. I would push myself to be the best in my hobby, Softball, and make sure I got a Scholarship that would pay for all or some of my schooling. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have cherrished every moment. Instead of letting time pass by wishing it was over already.