Southern University and A & M College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Football !


My school is mostly known for the law program, but trailing right behind law is the nurseing program and next the engineering program.


Southern University is best known for our band, The Marching Jukebox. We are also known for being fun and well-dressed as a student body.


Southern University is best known for its larg enthusiastic fan base and never ending supporters which include: alumni, sucessful celebrity graduates, famous marching band and the renown Law Center.


Being historically black.


My school is most known for its band. The human jukebox.


THe Human Jukebox Band, the Law School, Nursing program, Engineering, and Music departments.


My school is best known for its law school.


Southern University is best known for being a Historical Black College/University. Southern University is one of the top Universities for nursing, law, engineering, and architechure. Southern University has a beautiful campus located on scott's bluff behind the mississippi river. Southern has a great social life with sororities/fraternities. Southern has a great athletic program including sports such as women and men basketball, football, baseball, softball, men/women tennis, men/women track, cross country, men/women golf. Southern is also known for having the number #1 band in the country The Human Jukebox.


My school is best know for it's band.