Southern University and A & M College Top Questions

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I was a student at another 4 year university before I started at Southern University. I can say that Southern has more of a "college feel". There isn't a dull moment on campus and there is always something to do. Unlike the college that I attended before, Southern University feels more like home. It's not often that you find a school that not only supplies you with the educational needs, but also it supplies you with love and support on and off campus.


The students have a strong sense of school pride and most are very hard working.


Even though were different we still treat every one like family


Although my school is categorized under the title of Historically Black College and Universities, its diversity is insurmountable. Southern University and A&M College offers a variety of academics, prepares you well in advance for your future career path, and students are also able to have one on one time with their professors as if they were in small calssroom setting.


The thing that is unique about my school is the simple fact that we're a big family. I've been on the campus for one now as of the end of Spring 2010 and i have never seen anyone have a confrontation. Everyone greets each other when they pass by. Also, my school has one of the best bands in the land. They've performed everywhere from Honda Battle of the Bands to the half time show for a Saints game. Nonetheless, my school has some of the brightest students who will be our future.


The teachers are diverse and they care about your success. They will lift you up until you can succeed on your own.


My school is full of love, and the students try to work hard in their studies. It is a nice size campus and I enjoy coming here.


Southern University is a school that holds a lot of tradition that is still within the student body. The school is well known for the auxillary activities such as the Human Jubox Marching Band, famous dancing dolls and cheerleaders. Our school also has a reputable Law School that stands shoulders above the rest. Southern University is located in Baton Rouge, La which is a unique place its self. The school has adopted the unique characteristics of the city.


My school is the only Historically Black Univeristy System. We have a campus not only in Baton Rouge, but also in New Orleans and Shreveport. I feel this gives students a unique African-American experience that other HBCUs can't offer. We are deeply rooted in our Black History, and it shows from not only the teachers, but the students. There are classes designed specifically to teach you about being an African-American in America that aren't offered at other universites. It's an excellent place for students of any ethnicity to learn about African-American culture.


My school is unique because it doesn't have a intramural.


u have a lot of fun meet many ppl


Things that are unique about me schools would have to be its location and its history. Southern was the first HBCU i the State of Louisiana and it sits right on the Mississippi River.


the atmosphere