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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The best advice I would give to any student and their parents would be to research every option and learn every detail about a school before making a final decision. When independent research is done it can make all the difference in choosing the correct college to attend. I would also recommend taking an independent tour of the campus without tour guides and speaking with current students. We as students are usualy blunt when describing our universities to others because we understand and see what is not spoken about by recruiters. As for making the most of the college experience, I learned a valuable lesson just by keeping family close. At first I wanted to make all my decisions for school on my own, however I learned quickly that parents should be just as involved in college as high school, even though the freedom is nice my family always keeps me grounded during the semesters and thats a necessity for every student. =)


Being the best that you can be no matter what college you attend, rather its a little small town college in which you can afford or a well known college that is expensive and well credited. No matter what college you attend i feel that you can make the best of it because some education is better than none. One of the best things about college is meeting different people and socializing with those who are from differents places around the world! This is the advice that i would give to parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience.


It's impotant to find a school that can tend to your educatioonal and personal needs. Don't be afraid of change, leaving home can be a good thing!


The advice I would give them is make sure the school fits you. Make sure your comfortable about its surrounding, because if your not comfortable you won't be able to concentrate like you need to. College is way diffent and its challenging, so you have to be comfortable to be able to learn the way you need to.


To what you want in life and make you you research your choice of colleges , so that it is the best on for the student.


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Take your time and decide what is the best colledge that will fit your personality and learning style.


My advice is to take your time and actually look into the college of your choice to make sure it's actually for you. Don't base your opinion on a college just because your friends are going there or whether your parents are alumni there. Make your choice strictly off the bases of your contentment with that college. The only person you need to please is yourself and it's your future at hand. You will be happier with your decion in the long run.


The most important thing for parents to understand when finding the right college for their child is to be aware of the fact that its not a college for the PARENTS its for the STUDENTS. Allow the students or your kids to find out their likes, dislikes, ambitions, and ULTIMATE goal for pre and post graduation status. Even sometimes their hobbies/passions can determine what college is right for them. For example, I was excellent in accounting classes in high school, but I had been drawing and painting for years at a very experienced level. I initially wanted to be a CPA, but quickly realized that ART was my passion and something I enjoyed. Its much more pleasant having a major that you ENJOY and are INTERESTED in than one where you are basically rolling with the tides. Students, its so important to set goals for yourself, find the steps to reach them, and go for it! No matter what your peers, professors, or anyone else says, if you do those things, you will be successful. Have a "go get em" attitude for your college experience and you will most certainly make the most out of it!


My advice to students searching for the right college is a safe enviroment. Make sure you have alot of policeman and make sure the location you have choosen has a non violent surrounding. If the surrounding neighborhoods are dangerous than the student's life is at greater risk. Also make sure the college the student is attending has enough professors for the courses. If the campus doesnt have enough professors than the course the student might want will be cancelled and paralyze speed towards graduation. The most important thing the student wants is satisfaction. Make sure that the student is completely happy with mostly everything about the university or he/she will be miserable. The student must have an open mind about culture, religion, friends, and etc. Most important thing is to stay true to the person he/she is and do be to easily influenced by the wrong crowd.


Make sure you research how well the particular school is with your particular degree program of choice, check the distance from home so that its not too far, but no too close either, and whatever you do choose a career in which you will love when you graduate. You may change it once you get to that school, but there is nothing worst than having a career to wake up to every morning hating it or wishing you had chosen something different while in college. College is two to four years and those years are suppose to be the best years of your life. The real world is waiting and it won't necessarily embrace you with open arms.


Make sure you research what college you want to go to. Never settle for just one thing because you may not like it. Apply everywhere even if you didn't get in the first time you can always transfer.


The strategies used to find the right college depends on what that student wants to get out of going to college and their financial situations. Most students choose a school based on family traditions only to find out that it was not the ideal place for them. Parents should not pressure their children to attend their alma matters, but instead, give them a chance to research different colleges themselves. As for making the most out of the chosen school, it is what you make it. The student is in control of his or her own experiences, and what he or she gains from each. College is a time for learning, growing, and changing. How that student develops in college will follow him or her forever. Therefore, the student must think carefully about each situation, react carefully to the situation, and assess the experiences gained from each situation. College is the last training received before entering the real world.


They should visit colleges to see how the campus life is, and to see if they would really like attending that particular that they visit.


Well when you are out there looking for a college make sure you find that one that makes your feel like one of the family and not a number. Make sure you choose a place where you know you will be happy and enjoy.


In choosing a college for parent/and or student, you need to be able to make sure the selection you've made is the right one by doing several of the following things. The first thing that you should do, (and me being a christian) is pray about it. The second thing you should do, is see if the college has your career field of study. The third thing you should do, is realize what kind of person you are and find out if going away or staying at home is best. The fourth thing you should do is visit the school and see what kind of vibe you get, and see how friendly and helpful the students, faculty, and staff are. And as far as enjoying college is concerned, make the most of everyday you are there, because it is the best time of your life. Another thing is don't wait til the last minute to study, because you will regret it. Also, no matter how many parties or other activites are going on at school and in your life, remember, school always comes first! And one more thing, remember, no one can ever take that degree away!


Do as much research as possible to choose the college that fits you exactly.


use ur best judgement on what u know or have heard because im sure at some point a little of it is true


Think about what you want to be and think about your decision critically.


The advice I would give parents and students about finding the right college is to make sure the college or university is accredited, the school is affordable, it's a safe environment, the professors are true to the subject, and has a family-based atmosphere. It's very important for new students to feel welcome once in a new place because it may be essential to their future success and also teaches them to adapt to new places. As an out-of-state student, it was very easy for me to adapt at Southern University because the people here are very friendly and helpful. Students should also dedicate time to their community by volunteering. At Southern University, voluteering is a MUST. Volunteering shows your appreciation for the community. While attending college, one should make to most of it because it is truly one of the best parts of life. Participate in as much as you can and try to meet as many people as you can for one never knows who will be able to help them with future endeavors.


As with any perspective student or parent of a child entering college; there are many decisions to be made. I would first of all advise them to develop a timetable to organize and prioritize their task. Start planning and researching colleges that has the program of their career choice in their junior year of high school, so by the senior year applications can be completed. Select colleges that also offer activities that meet your genuine interests, extracurricular activities and that best fit you. Make a list of the colleges selected; review their admission requirements such as; applications SAT and ACT testing, written essays, interviews and recommendations. Search the web to find out what admission officers look for in applications. Also, look into the selected colleges tuition and fees. Narrow your list down to the schools that meet your carrier choice, location and financial status. Have your guidance counselor write letters of recommendations for schools in case you need them. Complete and mail all applications prior to the deadline to each Perspective College or University to ensure they time. In conclusion define your goals and select a college environment, academic major and career that will best benefit you in the future.


It is important to find the right college for first time college students. College is a place where students attempt to do there best so they can get good jobs after graduation. College is a place where students go to learn and also have fun while trying to become whatever it is that he/she has always wanted to be. So my advice to first time college students and parents is to have fun selecting your university. Remember college is business first!!!!! Do not select a college of its reputation or the party life, select a college from what the school has to offer you after your 4 years of hardwork and dedication!!!


Attend a school that you know is best for you academic level.




The advice that i would give to these parents and students would be to find a school that the are most comfortable with. Upon making my decision to attend my university i asked myself ,"could I look back and be happy that i made this decision?" Find a school that allows you to enjoy everything it has to offer in addition to providing you with the best education u could receive.


Find a college that will fulfill all of the essentials. College is a wonderful time in a students life and should be enjoyed both academically and socially.


Choose the college which best fits your career objectives. Do not rush through college, nor procrastinate. I would suggest taking credits during the summer as often as possible.


Parents, I suggest that you try to save as much money for your child's education and encourage your child to give you updates about what is happening around the school. Students, try to find a college within your state that houses the field of study you want because loans are hectic on a child's life. If you can't find an in-state college, look for the cheapest and most efficient college that you will be able to have all the necessary items and convenience. Also try to find a college that you will be comfortable attending. Go to orientations and open houses, and get a feel of what life at that college would be like. Make sure that you have more than one option as to where you want to go because it's harder to get assistance than you may think.


I would tell them to visit the college before they make their decision. I would also tell them to weigh all theri options and focus in on what they want and what's best for them.


find the one that is the best for you


I would say to talk with your child prior to them attending high school to get a general idea of what college they would like to attend and research different schools to fnd the one that offers the best education for the career or field of interest they would like to major in. Also, prepare in advance for college savings and take care of financial aid applications in advance. Start completing college applications early in their senior year to make sure they arrive before the deadline. Being prepared , focusing on your studies and allowing some time for extracurricular involvement will make the best college experience they'll treasure forever.

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