Southern University and A & M College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The reason why college is so important is not just because of the education it provides you. It allows you to enhance to your comprehension skills, which will make you more competitive when entering a work enviorment. I know it may seem like a prison sentance of four years, but think of it as a safe haven for you to meet innovative people like yourself, and turn your dreams in to goals. My advise to you is to go to school and find out who you want to be in life, stay young as long as you can. The hardest part of living is growing up, so why not put yourself in an enviorment of people who will make that transition easier for you.


I would say keep an open mind. Be aware that everything is not always the way it seems. Do your research and keep applying for scholarships. I would emphasize the importance of good grades and a positive attitude.


If i could go back through time to inform myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself that I shouldn't feel afraid to call college because they are really helpful and are willing to work your problem out. Also really work to complete and turn in those local scholarship packets to Mrs. Sullivan because everyone who filled them out got scholarships. All of that money that you could of gotten would really make it easier than having to search all over the internet to find scholarships to help you pay for those classes. You got your grades where you want them so you should be alot more social. Also once you graduate remember to pack in your sound system somewhere in those boxes, it could make all the difference when your sitting in your dorm studying. Now, you may think that your going to be in Nome for a week after graduation, turns out you leave 18 hours after so you should really hit it up with your friends because you will not have much time.


My freshman year in college I decided to try out for the cheerleading team at my university but did not make the team. I did not engage in any of the extracurricular activities on campus, had very few friends, and produced good grades; however I could have done better considering my amount of free time. I greatly missed the simple joys that cheerleading brought to me. I finally confess that my pride was crushed and I felt as though I was at my lowest point because I was not doing anything that was self-fulfilling. The following year I tried out for the team and made it! Subsequently, that semester and the semesters that followed my grades were ecstatic! I discovered that because I was a happier person doing something that I loved, my performances in other aspects of my life were also improving. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would go back and get involved in some kind of extracurricular activities such as student government or one of the many organizations on campus. It made me a more diverse student and allowed me to network and make friends that I will cherish for a lifetime.


My advice to myself would to do things on time. College is a whole different ball game. There just isn't time to wait and be hesitant about when to do things. If you know that it should be done, do it. There is so much to do and so little time. Getting ready and prepared for college can be a hassel. Everything has to be done in an orderly fashion. Waiting to do everything on your time will not work out for you to well. When adults are telling you to start early, they aren't lying. It;s important to get into school and apply on time. But when you get into school, there's so much more to do. Getting everything together if you plan to live on campus is really important. You're basically are moving into your own mini apartment and it's more than just decorations to get. Transportation, food, and so much more is envolved. The best advice is to do everything as soon as possible. When it is told to you, just do it then and there. Because as soon as you miss a deadline, you're in for trouble.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition,If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to remain focus and that only the strong survive. I would tell myself that a party can wait and that my school work is more important. If i can go back I would tell my parents to continue to support me and not give up on me. I would tell myself not to let anyone change me and at the end of the day the only person that can judge me is God.


I would have taken more advantage of the tutoring services so that my grades would have been more appealing. I also would have looked into more schlolarships to help assist with paying for my school.


Dear high school me, First, high school does NOT prepare you for college; it was all a lie! Second, make sure you go and apply for as many scholarships as you can, especially the bill gates scholarship. You should also try to find a job during the breaks and if you have time during school, because the refund money you get after everything is paid for dwindles VERY quickly. If you go to Southern University make sure you learn how to get around campus and make sure that you have everything you need before you do anything. Most importantly, make sure that you do all of your work ahead of time, study a LOT, and belive that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you don't believe in yourself no one else will either. Oh. And one last thing. Make sure to avoid the "party people", make plenty of good friends, and enjoy yourself! You are in college after all. ^_^ Love Future You.


I would tell my high school self not to worry so much about college! It's not going to be as bad as you think it is. It'll be stressful, hectic, crazy and difficult, but it will also be ridiculously fun, exctiting, life changing, like a big learning adventure. Stop worrying about the money, just enjoy yourself, work hard, and apply to as many scholarships as possible, even the long essay ones, don't be lazy! You can do it, and no matter how many people you lose along the way, you know you can always count on yourself. People will come and go, but the people who matter will stick around. Have fun! And don't forget, you are awesome!


The advice that I would give myself is to take the necessary courses to qualify for any Louisiana TOPS Scholarships and apply for other scholarships.


Kenidi, Kenidi, Kenidi! I am you from the future and here are a few things I need you to do differently senior year! Do not take Mr. Cohen’s American Government/ Economics class as a joke; go in there and study and pass every online test because you could pass with an A, which could bring your GPA to a 4.0 instead of a somewhat acceptable 3.8. Secondly go hard every time you step on that court! Play as though it is your last game every game! You do this you are shooing to be in the FAB FIVE! Lastly I want you to choose your friends wisely! I know you like to have fun but sometimes the company you keep can bring you down! So just make smart decisions and I’m here if you need any more advice! Have fun girl! I LOVE YOU!!


Knowing what I know now in my experience of life and college, I would advise myself as a high school senior in 2006, to really think about what YOU want in life, not what others expect from you. It will be a challenging transition from high school to college. You will want your independence, be pressured into doing things in life that may not be the wisest choice and you will meet people who are in your corner hoping for your failure. You will have to stay focused on your academics and your expectations for your life. You will be tested by family, friends, peers, and those who want better for you. As long as you remain positive, driven, and unafraid to ask for help when needed, you will succeed. No matter how long it takes you to complete your college career, do not be discouraged and quitting is not an option. You deserve the best that life has to offer, always believe this and believe in yourself. The road will be long and trecherous, but keep God first and keep your priorities together. You will be fine, the best is yet to come! Good luck!


Knowing what I know now, If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give my self a lot of advice. First of, I would let myself know to start applying for college as soon as school starts. Secondly, I would let myself know to apply for as many scholarships as i can. I wish I would have done this, I did not want to take out loans but because i did not have any scholarships. I hope now I can get a lot of scholarships so that I can cease my need of loans. Also, I would let myself know to explore more. Now that am in college I woish I would have did research on other schools also. I love my school but I am going to transfer somewhere else that suites me better. I wish all high school seniors could read this. Don't go where your friends are going, don't go to the school that 30,000 a year. Be smart, nothing is wrong with attending a in state, state college. It is the person that matters not that cost of the college. Be smart.


If I had the desscion to go back in time and talk to myself as a high senior senior, I wouldn't want to. Theres always a reason why you are that person as of today. For me, my expierence will have to be referred during my sopohmore year. During my sophomore year, I didn't pay attention in school nor the value of my education. All that matter to me was going out with friends and having a good time. I failed 4 classes, both fall and spring semester. The following year, things unraveled in my head when I saw my friend graduation. All I could think of is imagining me in my friends postion and saying "I accomplished high school". Not until my senior, I knew it was my responsibility to make up those classes I failed back in sophmore year. It took time and effort but I didn't care about the long hours I had to complete my work for the classes that I needed to make up and my classes in general. I was determined to graduate and prove myself, that you can achieve your goal if you put your effort into it.


The most important thing that I would tell myself would probably be to always look forward and not to live in the mistakes of the past. I would always want to try to strive to be the best possible but that's incredibly difficult when you are strained by the thoughts of failure. I think that if I told myself just this then my entire senior year would have turned out differently and I wouldn't still be thinking about the mistakes. However, something else I would tell myself would be to always strive to do the best you can with the time you are allowed. This would definitely change my life.


i shouldn't have waited this long but I going now.


It's time to grow up. You dont have time to be a kid any more. It's time to own ou to your responbilities and become a man. Your parents and friends believe in you but for some reason you don't believe in your self. If believe in your self because you are a strong person, you will be able to accomplish anything you desire . Just believe in god and your lord and savior jesus christ and the will gide you to glory


if I could go back as a High School senior, the advice i would give myself is, "take your time." i was such in a rush to go out and experience the big world without asking for help from older advisors. i would also tell myself, stay calm and prepare for any difficult tasks. In college there is no more "hsnd feeding" it is you go out and do for yourself, or you will be left with anything. As a college studebt, I've been finding more and more about nyself. To evety student thinking if coming, be prepared for a life changing journey! Most of all, have fun!


I have always said that if I could only go back to my senior year, things would be different. I ran track and I have always wanted to go back to my last state trackmeet. I feel that if I would have ran my race instead of letting the ran intimidate me, it would have changed my life. I would have had scholarships and would have finished school in four years instead of dropping out and having to come back and complete my education.


I would have gotten a better GPA before I graduated from high school. Then I would have continued to work hard to maintain the GPA so I would have gotten a better job fresh out of college.


In college, you have to learn to set your priorities straight. Its a whole different world from high school. You have to be more responsible, and have to make up for your actions. There is nobody there to hold your hand, or get on your case when you mess up. You have to play parent and student at the same time.


When I was a senior and deciding where I should go for college , it was kind of a diffcult time for me. I wanted to get away from home, but not too far away in case I got homesick. If I were to go back and tell my senior self about college and the transition, I would say to think and consider your college decision . I am currently in the middle of transferring from Southern University to Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette. I saw that by being there, it was not the place for me. I was surrounded by people who did not have the same interest as I did in bettering myself and attempting to receive a quality education. I did not feel comfortable there and I would not want my senior self to go through the same. Secondly, I would tell myself to finally take this opportunity of going to college and grow and change as an individual because you find yourself through the things you do. Finally, I would say that not to worry much about transitioning. If you keep a good, open mind and work hard, it will be easy for you. Good luck to you.


In addition to education, I've achieved confidence during my college enrollment. Each day I attend my classes is a constant reminder of the hard work and efforts that my professors and others undergo every day to make the lives of their students a success. I am incredibly grateful to have met the individuals that I have regarding my area of interest, field of expertise and area of my major - Mechanical Engineering/Physics/Mathematics. I am appreciative of their time they dedicate each day to improve the educational standards of the institution as a whole and not just in their class room. College of Dupage's Engineering/Physics/Mathematics department is arguably their strongest and many of those involved in these departments volunteer their free time not only to the college but go above and beyond to provide assistance to their students and anyone, really, interested in their fields. I hope that one day I will be able to influence students in the same manner they have inspired me to succeed to the very best of my abilities.


What I have gained so far from attending Southern University and A&M College is the ability to not be afraid to have a voice. Being here has taught me to break free of my being shy and to speak. I have also learned how to network and be patient. The people I have met from networking have turned out to be friends for a lifetime who I can call on for any situation and know the job will be done. The most valuable part of attending Southern University is the sense of accomplishment I feel with my academics from this historically black college. It is a place that keeps me grounded and serene from all the chaoses that go along with becoming an adult.


As the only child and coming from a home with a father on drugs and a mother trying to survive, attending college away from home allowed me to be very independent and strong as a young women. As I encountered different people, I was exposed to various backgrounds and taught valuable lessons that helped me along my journey.


I've always valued college education because I understand how important it is to have a degree in today's society. Going to college is opening a lot of doors for me and broadening my options when I decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. My college experience has taught me more than what can be found in a textbook. I've learned a lot about myself and I have accomplished a lot more than I ever thought possible. Through playing varsity sports in college, I know that I have made friends for life and I would not change my experience at Southern University for anything. The bottom line is that I know this college education will take me further than I would have gone without it.


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." This quote is taken from Dr. Seuss' book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go." My college experience has taught me the value two very important chararistics:: perseverance and detemination . First, perserevrance pays off because it commands respect . Demonstrating you are focused on a achieving goal (graduating with honors) and you will not be deterred shows high level of commitment . Next, dermination is the spririt of "never say die." It shouts to world "I am going to make it!" It is just like The Little Engine That Could mumbling to himelf, "I think I can. I think I can." Finally, after what seemed like an eternity , shouting, "I know I can! I know I can!" These two charateristics ,developed incollege, served me well professionally and thoughout life. I would not trade the experrience attending college for all the marbles in the world. It serves as a remider you should not rest on laurels, you must go on: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."


I have gotten that a student was be able to make that transition from high school to college. Some students found out the hard way. They may have flunked out or close to it. Also, having good grades in high school pays off. I was able to get a grant because of my gpa in high school. It has been valuable to me because i've learned so much about my school as well as my major.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior knowning what i know now about college and making the transition, I would give myself advice based on standardize testing. I would push myself harder to take the ACT multiple times. I would also tell myself that my grades were good enough to go out of state and I would stop putting myself down. I would have told myself to work on things a little longer and try just a little bit harder. The first semester as a freshman was hard but i was prepared and made a high grade point average. I would have encouraged myself to apply for a lot more scholarships and grants. Lastly I would have told myself to have fun and not stress but stay focused on what I am goin to college for.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that attending class is number one priority. In order to stay on top and have the grades that you want, you have to attend class. It's important so that you will know what's going on in case of quizzes, tests, classwork, homework, and even extra credit assignments. The consequences of not attending classes daily may lead to poor grades that can prevent you from participating in certain organizations, applying for many scholarships, and slow down your progress to graduating from college.


By knowing what I know now about the transition to college life, the advice I would give myself would be to look for scholarships in high school and to take paying for college seriously because the money will not just fall from the sky. Other advice that I would give myself if I was a high school senior would be to make good grades so selecting a college would not be so difficult. Because I made mistakes as a freshmen and sophomore in high school my g.p.a was not that great but because I have learned from my mistakes I now have a 3.40 g.p.a and have also did an internship with Walt Disney World Resort since i've been in college.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself not to pick my college based on my friends and go with my first pick. I would tell myself not to be so lazy and apply for more scholarships and to apply to more schools. After 3 semesters of being in college I learned that friends and fun are big part of the experience in college but the bigger part of this experience is to gain knowledge for your future so that you can lead the life that you dreamt for yourself. This is why I am applying for this scholarship, I am trying to transfer to an out of state school in the fall and i may need money to cover my out of state fees. Thank you so much for your time.


I encourage everyone to make a choice for themselves. A four-year institution, junior college, community college, or technical school is not for everyone. Some people succeed in all and others fall short. Choose a university for you not because, your friends are going there, or the school is not far from home. But, choose with your heart and your mind. Examine all your options and be willing to stick with it. College is the experience of a lifetime. Before college you're planning your life. During college you're living it. After college you're putting all your plans into motion. Choose a school where you can grow socially and academically. That's what life is truly about...progression.


I would first tell myself to pray. I would make sure that I knew the value of my faith and how I would need it all throughout my college career. I would stress the fact that studying is important. I would tell myselft to join some social groups and become an important part of making my campus better for those who come after me.


TIME MANAGEMENT!!!! You MUST start maximizing this skill set early in your college career. It is imperative in order to insure that all priorities are met and your grades don't suffer! You can do it!


The advice that I would give to myself is to study hard and continue to strive to graduate on time. Yes I know you will enjoy the parties and the games, but you will either stay in school too long or you will drop out. It is important that you study early, that way you will graduate early, and you can pursue your career. College may be fun, but it is also hard work.


Krystal, Understand that collge may not be what you expect at all, but be very optimistic. Realize that you are the only one that has your best interest at heart. You will learn alot and you may also learn that you know way more than that of your peers. A social life will not mean that much once you see what you have to choose from. Keep God first always and your family close.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, there would be several things I would say. First of all, I would tell myself that COLLEGE IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL! When I first got to college, I had the same nonchalant attitude I had in high school, that everything just came naturally and was so easy. After starting classes in college, I realized things were much different. I couldn't just attend class and have the material like in high school. I actually had to go back to my dorm and study, something I didn't have much experience with. Needless to say, my apathetic attitude had to quickly change if I wanted to keep my scholarship. Maintaining a 3.3 GPA in college is much harder than it sounds. If I would've known this as a senior, I probably would have come into college with my game face on. Secondly, I would tell myself to take more Dual Enrollment classes. This semester I'll be taking 19 hours because I need classes I could have easily taken in high school. All in all, I would tell myself to be more prepared.


After having 1 1/2 years of experience of college life I would have told myself to choose a major that I can enjoy for the rest of my life instead of picking a major because of the salary and benefits. I would have paid more attention in classes and my ACT would have been flying through the roof. I would have applied for numerous scholarships and grants because college cost even more when you're an out-of-state student. My financial aid would have been completed within a few weeks and my personal college funds would have lasted for atleast 3 semesters. Im glad I had to go through these issues because I wouldnt have as much knowledge that I have today and if I wouldnt have made mistakes I would know what was right from wrong about the college life.


Dear self, As I see you progress through your high school years I've noticed that it's almost time for you to make that big transition. I'm writting to give you a little advice! Take your work seriously and pay attention in all of your classes. Even though you may think they dont benefit you your grade point average plays a major role in the next stage of your life. It determines what colleges you may be accepted into and many scholarships are based on your knowledge. Take this time of your life to mature, because once your in college your all on your own. Mommy and daddy wont be around to do everything for you. Learn how to handle business and stand up for yourself. It's like you are entering an entire different world! Therefor before you make this big transition focus on your school work and becoming a mature adult, because there is no room in this new world for lacking and childishness. Get your head on straight kid I'm sure you can do it. Good luck!


I would tell myself to look at more schools and think about going to other schools instead of just settling for Southern alone. Think about schools with a diversity of people and an environment where you will feel comfortable in.


I think I made the transition very well. I knew coming in I had to stay focus and work hard and thats exactly what I have been doing. One think I would tell myself is to trust no one. You are your only friend in this world. In order to succeed you need gracy and mercy from God and prayers.


Jonathan, there are aloth of things to look foward to when going to college. the freedom you will have will be like somthing you'v never had before. But you need to learn how to settle down and study. College is not all about parties but remember, always have a little fun. College is going to be like nothing you have every expected. But remember your there for a reason, and that is to get an education and aslong as you remember that, you'll be fine.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself during my high school years I would tell myself that college is'nt as hard as people say it is and I would tell myself to learn everything now while in high school because you will need it in the future. I would also tell myself to be aware of the whole financial aid process.


Ebony, I'm so proud of you! I know you're excited about starting college in the fall but before you start I'd like to give you a little advice. In college you are going to have so much time on your hands, and what you do with that time is totally up to you. You won't have momma to wake you up and ensure that you make it to school anymore. You will have so much freedom and responsibility. With that being said, make wise choices and understand that you are responsible for yourself and your recieving of an education. You will have the choice of studying or going out to parties, doing homework or going to the mall, and so many other decisions. Although you are now in charge of your life, you're not alone. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. There are counselors, professors, tutorers and uperclassmen who may help. Don't ever give up for your education is extremely important. Friends come and go but the degree you are striving to earn can never be taken away! Goodluck on your voyage for this is the begining of your future!


Seize opportunity!


Always keep your head up


visit the campus


Choosing the right college to attend is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make. Its a decision that, while you are in high school, may not understand the magnitude of its importance. When choosing the right college for you definitely research. Understand what field you want to get into and how well that college or university will teach it to you. Also, its very important to research the enviroment of that school. It's hard to understand how the enviroment has an effect on your learning experience. The way people act, and how seriously other students take the education there effects your mood and feelings. To clarify, as a new student you are probably 17 or 18. Your mind is still molding, as well as your personality. Everything effects you. Lastly, you want to make sure that this is the place you want to get your education at. Depending on your major you will be there for 4 to 6 years. You don't want to be there and find out you don't like it later.


In my opinion, the most important factor in choosing the right college would be feeling comfortable among other students and surrounding community. If you're not comfortable with your surroundings, it can lead to depression and other anxieties that can destroy your academic career and chances of securing a good job upon graduation. The next important factor would be the reputation and networking strength of your desired undergraduate program. A strong network with your professors and industries can lead to better jobs in case you are not the strongest student. Once a student chooses his college, he or she should become involved in extracirricular activities in order to balance social and academic life. Part of the college experience is to meet lifelong friends. Fraternities/sororities and intramural sports are a good way to meet a variety of people who may share the same interests. Explore the city around your campus and find off-campus activities to indulge in. Getting away from the campus can be a stress reliever from time to time. With a balanced life, a student's college years may be the best years of his or her life.