Southern University and A & M College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school in my opinion is that the faculty there is very nice and kind. They are very helpful if you are lost in all the college hypes.


Everything is good about my school!!


I consider that sense of family to be the best thing about my school. I feel it is important that every school has a sense of family to make students comfortable.


The interacting between students and faculty, because it is important that we understand them; that way we can do well in school. Also attending the different sporting events because it brings everyone closer together and it gives the students something to do while classes are no longer in session.


The best thing about my school is it's so open. I'm able to be who I am and still make friends. As goofy and nerdy and awkward as I am, I still managed to become Freshman Class President. There's a group of friends for everyone, so no one is an outcast. There's all different types of people that attend this school, and I try to befriend them all. It's just a down-home family environment filled with southern hospitality that I believe most people would enjoy.


To be honest there isn't anything good about this school. The food is bad (there is nothing healthy to eat), the dorm ladies are disrepesctful and have no respect for no one, the rooms are either hot or cold or unbearable, finanicial aid is ridiculous and extrememly slow, the people are stuck up and not friendly at all, the professors (most) only care about getting their check and not helping the students, the school is just a bad choice!!!!


The best thing about my school are the professors. I considered them to be the best thing because they are the ones who are helping me to become the person that i will be in the future. The professors are the ones who will help me succeed and become more educated.


The best thing about my school is school spirit and how the students interact during school activities.


The best thing about my school would have to be the school spirit or the pride that the students have for Southern U.


The beast thing about Southern University is the environment. Its a great school for learning and offers unique experiences that can be treasured for life.