Southern University at New Orleans Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The best advice I would give myself is to be more focused with my studies and think ahead. I have a bad habit of waiting to the last minute to complete assignments. At the time they are due, I am rushing to get them completed. Also, if you don't understand whats going on in class, dont take the coward move and drop the class. Tutoring is the best option if you don't understand anything. Also, I would make sure to ask for extra credit work to help receive a better or higher grade. When you are young, you always want to have fun and never take things or life serious. I would make sure that more time is put into my studies and my decision making would be careful and not careless. Of course, you learn from them, but what I know now, I wish I knew then.


I would probably visit more campuses. I would probably sit in a few classes to see the size and how the professors teach.


I would advise myself to attend college sooner than later and apply myself because college can become harder to accomplish the longer you have to attend due to failure of courses. College can be challenging and it's easy to quit and harder to go back to if prolonged.

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