Southern Utah University Top Questions

Describe how Southern Utah University looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is diverse, beautiful, and full of incredibly smart and friendly people.


Small campus with small classes and few teachers.


Southern Utah University is the best university in the country because of its wonderful student body and staff.


Southern Utah Universtiy gives you a university education with more personal attention.


The school is very small and there is not much campus life, the school is very conservative and the majority of the student are white LDS people.


Southern Utah University is diverse, competitive, the teachers know you by name, the classes are small, and the atmosphere is fun.


Southern Utah University is the ideal small-town college: high academic accreditation, small class size, and low tuition rates for one of the best values in the western United States.


Southern Utah University is a great school that offers good education to every student; because of the smaller town, classes are more intimate and students get more one-on-one help from professors and other useful resources.


Southern Utah University is surrounded by a beautiful environment. It contains many upbeat and dedicated professors and students. Overall, SUU is a great place to learn, grow, socialize and become who you want to be.


Southern Utah University is a small, personal, and friendly school.