Southern Utah University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


there is a great mixture of cultures at SUU. It is a dry campus, so no alcohol or drugs allowed on campus. We are in Utah there is a large number of LDS students, but all their events and everything are open all. There are lots of clubs and I think everyone could find a place at SUU.


They are very friendly.


Helpful, friendly. We all got a long and helped each other out. We could talk to each other and no one would make fun of each other. Great people.


Very diverse, I have classmates from around the globe.


The students are mostly friendly and hardworking, and a majority are Latter Day Saint Mormons.


My classmates were freindly out going people theat were willing to help. I looked forward to going to class to talk to my classmates. It was fun to get to know them all.


They are very diverse in both ethnicity and motivation.


My classmates at Southern Utah University are great! I really feel like it is a school where people come to get an education to further their career rather than going just to party. The people in my classes all study hard, and everyone is interested in succeeding, and helping others do the same.


They are willing to help you when you struggle and they are there for the same reason you are, to get an education.


very involeved and nice students, willing to learn.


The students are diverse, friendly, and are willing to get to know people different than them.


Helpful and willing to work together.


They are very nice and helpful with everything I need.


My classmates at Southern Utah University are hardworking, dedicated, and fun to be around.


My classmates are like best friends to me, they are people who will be there for me as resources for my future career.


My classmates vary in race, religion, social status, appearance, study habits, ethical and moral beliefs, and are generally helpful people despite the differences.


the classmates at SUU are fun, outgoing and considerate.


I would describe them as full of life. They are all very young and you can see in their eyes that they have the whole world before them. Now it's up to them to make their future. Many though don't see this reality or don't really get it. And don't make the best of the situation they are in right now.


The classmates are devoted, focused, and helpful.


They are all very smart, unique, and helpful, we all want to help one another succeed.


They are always busy with schoolwork.


friendly and fun to hang out with.


My classmates are superbly funny and hilariously intelligent.


Fun to be around.


Classmates were diverse, but very open-minded, helpful, and friendly, generally assertive with others as well as with the teachers, and had a good view of what they wanted in life hence focusing on what they needed to do to achieve their goals.


they are really fun to be around and are very helpful with school and social problems no matter who you are.


Widely diversified in ideas but tolerant of other people.


I would have to say that my classmates encouraging and outgoing.


i think that only a small percentage try really hard to succeed at school to be successful in life, while the majority try to find spouses and get through the short term challenges like passing a test, not preparing for a career.


Apathetic to making new friends, while not talking outside their already cirlce of friends.


My classmates are fun-loving, enthusiastic, hard-working, creative, supportive, like family and over-all amazing!


Smart, driven, individuals whom have worked hard to get where they are.


My classmates are business oriented and love to learn about business applications in today's society.


All of my classmates are very helpful and enjoy getting together and forming study groups.


Science students at SUU are serious and competitive and focus on achieving academically to make it into a medical school. or a successful career.


My classmates are smart and eager to learn.


At Southern Utah we don't have a lot of diversity- much of the student body is caucasian and members of the LDS religion, but the school works toward attracting all walks of life.


Most of my classmates are very helpful, and friendly.