Southern Utah University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


For the small class sizes, being a liberal arts college, having a more well rounded education


Southern Utah University is best known for its education and the amazing financial help that is given out to students every year. The college gives out scholarships to the majority of students and it is an amazing campus! An individual can join clubs and if they need help in a subject area there is a tutor center as well! Campus is amazing and filled with campus events!


Every year our school puts on the Shakesperean Festival. People come from all over to see it, and the coolest feature is the theatre replica of the London Shakespeare theatre.


SUU is known for it's small class sizes. Our student body is around 8,000 which is nearly a fourth of the size of all the prominent schools here in Utah and other states. My teachers know me by name because of the small class sizes and look to help you on a more personal level. There are also so many organizations to get involved with. One of the courses actually introduces you to all the resources that SUU has for you. Small campus with great resources and no overcrowding.


I think that Southern Utah University is best known for it's idea of giving a private education at a public price. I could not agree more with this idea. The professors are all fantastic and are interested in each student succeeding in their education.


This school is most known for the frienships, on campus housing is awesome. I lived there my first year and made so many new frieds. I was really scared at first to live on campus, SUU was brand new and I did not know anyone but by day one I made friends I know I will have my whole life.


It's teahcing program along with it's science departments.


Southern Utah is best known for its Education prgrams.


Southern Utah University is best known for their gymnastics team and their combined grade point average. The combined grade point average for the whole team is a 3.9.


the shakespere festival.


Southern Utah University is the home to the Utah Shakespeare Festival and has been nationally ranked for the quality of the theatrical productions that it puts on.


Great busness program, which allows students to actually use money to test their business ideas. Of course, the Shakespeare festival works closely with our school too, which is cool. We're also known as being the middle-road between BYU and U of U.


Performing Arts


The Performing Arts


I think our school is best known for its location. We have amazing outdoor activities that range from skiing in the winter to rock climbing in the summer. It is a wonderful place for people who love the outdoors.


My school is know for being the the top ten in the nation. one of the things used to sell my school to future students is small class sizes and the fact that the professors will know each student they have by name. I have been on campus and learned it is true each teacher knows me by name and honestly cares about what happens to me through the semester. If I miss a day they will email me to find out why and see what they can do if I'm sick.


Southern Utah University is best known for its annual Shakespearean Festival.