Southern Utah University Top Questions

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It has an amazing Pre-Med program.


The school is fairly small, but the courses and professors are top notch. Classes are small for a public university. I feel like I get personal attention from many of my professors. SUU is very affordable, too. You won't be drowning in debt when you graduate like you would at many of the other universities I considered.


The school is very close to home, and the environment is very warm. Students are very welcoming and diverse.


The size of the University makes for a great social atmosphere with smaller class sizes so that that student teacher relationships are more personal. It's a fantastic school to belong to. No other school actually has a current SUU student call and talk to prospective students. Just by that phone call you already feel like you belong at SUU.


SUU's small campus, as well as, classroom sizes. Their great ability to give individual help in all aspects of the college process. Also, SUU's amazing rate at getting people admitted to schools for the next level of their education.


This school has a small campus and so you are with the same teachers and students for most of your college career. It's in a small city so that the air isn't polluted and the community is tight-knit. The campus itself is very beautiful. It has the program I want.


It's like one big family. Everyone accepts you, the teachers are amazing and nice, and it seems even easier than high school.


The classes are small enough to have personnal attention from all your professors. this makes it easier to gain a personnal relationship with them. It also makes for a good learning environment.


It was inexpenceive opposition campared to other schools I was planning to attend and it had all and more options than the other instutions i was planning to attend. I also get that personal touch kind of like High School with out the smothering or the person always on your back.


They have a great relationship with the students because they are a fairly small university.