Southern Utah University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are lots of clubs, groups organizations on campus. Our biggest sporting events are gymnastics, our team is amazing. The meets are so much fun to go to. The football games are also a big event. Our homecoming week is also very fun, with a concert and True T-birding. Another big event is our Halloween party, The Scream. I am in a sorority of campus and I love it. They are so welcoming and have got me more involved on campus. Greek life is not huge on campus but we are known. It is college so there are wild parties with drinking and drugs, but there are definitely things to do with out drinking. We have a bowling alley, 2 movie theaters, and campus does lots of stuff. Our PE building has swimming, racquetball, and basketball courts to use. We have a comedy club also that they do shows a lot. There is definitely things to do, you might have to get creative.