Southern Utah University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the quality of the teaching and the willingness of every professor to provide assistance with anything needed. I also brag about the beauty the campus and how well kept the grounds are. One of my favorite things to do is stroll through campus and enjoy the wonderful scenery. One last thing I always mention is the small class size of around 30-40 students in most classes. The small size allows the professor to connect with every student that attends their class and to know them personally.


The classes here are wonderful and the campus is absolutely stunning. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. There are places to study and relax all over campus, though the library is most definitely my favorite.


I tend to brag about the faculty here at Southern Utah University. Educators who genuinely care about their students and take the time with each and every one of their students. It may not be a big campus but everyone here has a big heart and it shows.


Good school in a small town. Great place to be. Good enviornment.


I brag about the great student body and fun activities. There is so much to do and be a part of. Also, we are home to the Utah Shakespeare festival, one of the biggest events in Utah.


Southern Utah is great. The class sizes are small enough that you actually get to interact with your teachers, making friends is easy, and the area around the school is amazing.


How awesome our mascot is. My school also has amazing activities for students, and they are an absoulute BLAST!


SUU has a beautiful campus, great teachers, and awesome facilities. I love pretty much everything about SUU. It's really easy to get involved with extracurricular activities, but it's also just as easy to stick to school and study hard.


The great sense of comunity among the students. There are always social activities to go to.


All the different type of people that I get to meet. I have so many new friends and they can help me through the rough times. I also tell them that the experience is just so great. The classes are fun and they are not that much harder than high school classes. I recommend going or at least just getting to experience college.


The size and beauty of the school is what is most appealing to me. The school is very small, very green, and the school looks very modern. The Weather is always beautiful.


I tell my friends that my classes are smaller and so I get more direct attention when I need help. I also brag about the Shakespearean Festival, how widely known it is, and that I get to watch some of the theatre performances for free.


I tell friends that I have never had a class of more than forty people at SUU. That means I receive individualized attention from professors who have Ph.Ds. They know me, I know them, and because I'm not just a number in a lecture hall of thousands, I receive personalized attention for my education.


I have an internship at the campus water lab.


That they have the best statistics professor and that the Psychology department is the best in Southern Utah.


We have some of the very best faculty for a small university. They are helpful and willing to answer just about any question you have.


How friendly the campus is, and how close people become with one another. It's a small campus and since its based in the heart of mormon country people are quite family/friend oriented.


The professors are definitely epic, and will do anything they can to help you suceed. I've never met people more willing to spend time in their office helping you, and they are very, very good at what they do. Also, it's a more relaxed place to be then other schools in Utah. People are a lot less judgemental, and it's right between painfully liberal and tight-laced conservative. It's a good place to be.


SUU is such a friendly campus. There is so much going on especially when you live right on campus. The faculty is friendly and easy to get along with. You get to know lots of different people because it is a relatively small campus. It is so easy to get around and figure out where classes are. I love SUU 100%!


You are close to your peers, teachers, community, and school. Professors knew my name by the end of the first class and still call me by name, even though I don't have them anymore. There's a lot that happens around campus. The school does a great job of providing fun and interesting activities and the students create lots of fun outings. We're surrounded by great canyons and lots of natural fun and beauty. Within a 30 min. drive in any direction you can skii, snowboard, hike, camp, explore caves, boat, cliff jump, and many other great activities.


1) the beautiful location 2) how awsome the professors are 3) plays, shakespearian festival, off the cuff performances 4) what I learned in class 5) the resources available


I have the opportunity to be heavily involved at the school with student government, acedemic teams and religious leadership.


I brag about the diversity here and that everyone is nice. The classes are small and the professors actually care about how their students are doing. I had to do theatre jury when I was a theatre major and when my professors found out that I was not going to be returning that spring due to lack of funds, my professors scolded me for not coming to them because they were more than willing to help me find a job and try to stay in Cedar City.