Southern Utah University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attent this school is someone who likes cooperative learning,enjoys meeting new people, and making friends. Someone who enjoys open communication in and out of the classroom setting. A person who is willing to learn in multiple ways other than strictly book work and standard tests. A person who needs a place to be accepted and understood as well as a person that enjoys being a friend and willing to lend a helping hand to others. Someone who enjoys a more personalized one on one educational experience.


This universty is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, making new friends and people with a desire to gain a good education at a lower price then some of the other school. I believe this university is filled with great people that are easy to get along with and the suurrounding area is beautiful. Outdoor activities are easy to come by with the mountains and national parks being so close. the education here is great as well with class sizes on the smaller side.


The kind of person who should attend Southern Utah University is someone who is willing to work hard in classes and also able to get involved in the many club activities. This college is always having extracuricular event going on around campus. This school wants to see you as a student succeed in life. You as a student need to be willing to be dedicated to your studies and willing to go and talk to the professors for help, no matter how intimidating it may be. As a student you must be willing to set high expectations for yourself.


Any person can attend this school, they will fit right in! College life is different than high school. You have the opportunity to make decisions on your own and be responsible for your actions in everyday life.


Someone who enjoys the four seasons, small class sizes, and a conservative atmosphere.


I feel there isn't a certain kind of person that should attend. Southern Utah University is a diverse school and I feel like everyone is welcomed with open arms.


This is an amazing school for anyone who would like to attend. They have small classes so that you have one on one with the professor. There are alot of activities to do. It would not be a good school for anyone who are single from 27 on. The teachers really care and help you learn the matterial you are studing.


Students who wish to personalize their education and wish to be more than a Student ID number. At SUU they have classes that specialize your college degree and, thus, makes you a more acceptable person to hire once you enter the work field. So if having a better resume and education is something you care about then SUU is for you. Getting involved is hard at large colleges is nearly impossible. If you enjoy service, leardership, and other opportunities then this is your place to be! SUU is just the perfect place for any student.


Someone who wants the quality of a university education but with a small community feel. Southern Utah University has a wonderful selection of degrees and programs. They also have great professors who are willing and able make the time for one on one interaction with students and who will help whenever they can. If a person was looking for a university that will provide them with a beautiful campus and an excellent and personal eduation that is located in a beautiful town with plenty of outdoor activities at their disposal then SUU is for them.


Anyone who feels like they just need to belong somewhere. There is a group for everyone here and there's always someone for you to go have fun with or study. This place is also a heaven for those who love the outdoors, 10 minutes up the road and your in a gorgeous canyon and take a drive in any direction and you'll end up in a national park. It may be a small city but it has everything you need to survive college.


Someone who is willing to work hard to get their degree but also loves to have fun and enjoys the outdoors because that is what Southern Utah University can provide.


Southern Utah University's goal is to make every student feel like they belong. Don't be afraid to be yourself but also don't be afraid to get outside of your bubble and try new things. Make new friends and explore new activities. Get involved in the college life and socialize. That alone will make your college experience so much more worth it.


All who are interested in attaining a higher education should come to Southern Utah University. This school provides an opportunity to everyone and it's impossible to not find something that you are not interested in. Though it is located in Utah, the LDS population here is very tolerant and understanding. It is a dry campus but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. You just need to find the right place to look. To young and old, male and female, and all race/ethnic backgrounds, SUU is the place for you to belong.


Growing up in a small town and an even smaller high school, I was apprehensive about jumping into a huge university. I was scared that not only would I get lost; no one was going to care about me. Luckily, I found Southern Utah University. I'm sure that other students are also searching for a smaller university. Those that seek knowledge and value personal interaction with their professors are not only wanted at SUU, they are welcomed with open arms. If you want to lose yourself in gorgeous, tightly-knit school, SUU is the university for you.


I believe that people who are focused on small class sizes, personal attention from professors, and a very hands on learning environment would find Southern Utah University a perfect fit. The professors are all very attentive and ready to help you succeed on a personal and professional level. Southern Utah University is also located extremely close to many gorgeous outdoor settings. Someone who would love the chance to experience the outdoors and have to opportunity to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities would love the location of SUU.


Anyone who is willing to put in the effort should attend this school.


Anyone that wants that personal touch in their educational experience of collegeand actually wants to fell like a person instead of just a number a and a grade.


This school is perfect for those students looking for small class sizes, dedicated professors, and a very friendly atmosphere. Because the school has an average of 7,500 students, class sizes tend to stay between 25 - 30 students, with upper-division classes being even smaller. These smaller class sizes also allows the professors to give more one on one help with students. In fact, the professors are encouraged to help their students as much as possible both in and out of class. Finally, the small student body allows you to know more people, making life on campus much more enjoyable.


I believe any kind of person could attend this school and still feel like they belong and fit in somewhere.


students who are anxious to learn and get involved should come to SUU. This is a place to reach for the highest available and to have fun while doing it. People who enjoy the outdoors, creating their own fun, and getting to know their neighbors would fit well here.


Anybody could do well at SUU. It is a small school with small classes, so if you like huge lecture halls where the proffesor doesn't know who you are, then SUU probably isn't the place for you.


Anyone interested in academics and a small atmosphere should attend this school.


To attend SUU, a person must love the small campus feel, be ready to learn seriously, but also ready to take advantage of the surrounding geographical areas that await them.


Anyone can really get an enjoyable experience from this university. I would reccomend it to anyone who wants a fun and spunky learning environment.


If you love to be challenged you should attend Southern Utah University. I think a person who is outgoing and wants to meet a lot of interesting people should come here. You have to be very friendly on this campus because everyone says hi to you, whether you are friends or are seeing each other for the first time. People who like when teachers know their names, and can remember which paper they wrote. The greatest thing about this campus is that the teachers know you, and you're not just a number.