Southern Utah University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants a lot of excitement in school shouldn't go to school here.


If you are thinking about attending this university then keep in mind it is a smaller university in a small town. If you love big cities then this will be a hard university to get use to due to the limited things to do around town. There are plenty of outdoors things to do but if you dont enjoy the mountains and similar surroundings then you will be limited to activities.


If you a are person that loves the big city and a lot of people, this school may not be for you. This campus is in a great, but small town. The population doesn't compare to schools in the Salt Lake Area.


The Kind of perso who should not atend this school is someone who is unwilling to set goals for themselves. Some one who is not willing to put forth effort in class and school work will not get very far. If a person does not want to work for their own success they are not going to do good at this school. Many of the professors expect the best out of the students and want to see them during there office hours to ask questions, and if they are unwilling to do that they are going to struggle.


If you are looking for a school with well-known professors who work on research then this is not the school for you. Also if you are looking for larger class sizes this isn't your school.


If you don't like bipolar weather (for example: Within a 48 hr period in May the temperature went from 74 degrees farenheit to snowing) then SUU might not be for you. But that's the only thing I can think that might dissuade some people from coming. I truly love SUU.


Anyone who is not a team player probably shouldn't attend this school. Everyone at this school makes up a community. We all work together to make our experience a great one.


Someone who is looking for a university where they can blend into the huge mass of people that are enrolled in every course. Also, if you like the big city life Cedar City, UT is not the place for you.


A person that is not comfortable with smaller class numbers.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are people that want to live in a large city, or people that want to go to a large university. People who aren't willing to work hard should also not attend Southern Utah University.


Someone who does not care to learn. You have to want to be here to enjoy your time here.


Someone who does not want to work for their education and really does not want to be in college.


Although a person who is closed minded and unfriendly should probably not attend this school, he or she would be welcomed none the less. SUU is a great school for all types of people to attend. The students there are very accomodating of all types of people, which makes it a friendly environment for any student.


The only people who should not attend this school are those who want to attend a large university or be in a big city. Southern Utah University will provide neither of these. It is a smaller school, and it is located in a city with population estimate of about 30,000. Also, the closest city with a larger population is St. George, which has a population of about 90,000. The closest larger urban areas are Las Vegas to the south and Salt Lake City to the north. Both are about 3 or 4 hours away.


This school is very polarized. It's mostly made up of very conservative, LDS people and heavy partiers. If you fall somewhere in between (like me and a lot of your friends), it is harder to find a niche, though it is possible. People who want to experience a lot of diversity might be frustrated here, and people who are used to living in a big city will probably go insane. Also, people who really dislike religion and religious atmospheres will probably really hate going to school here.


Someone who wants to go to a big school, big campus, meet tons of people , party all the time or attend a school that has lots of academic options. Somone who doesn't like the small town-feel of the university should not attend SUU. SUU can't offer everything that larger universities have, and that should be taken into consideration.


Someone who can't handle living in a small town.


Those how like living in big cities.


Anyone who likes to drink and stay off on their own.


Someone that is really liberal and someone that could not adapt.