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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It's all about what you want in a school. Find the school that fits you the best--do you want more personal attention or a more prestigious school? What do you want to study? Do you want to be close to your family or do you want to get out on your own? Do the research on the schools you look into, and find one that meets the attributes you want. Once you've found the school, make sure you get involved. Go to school activities. Make friends. But make sure you don't let your social life take over. You are going to school to learn, so you need to get the best out of your education that you can. Don't skip classes. Take your assignments seriously. Get to know your professors. Get help from tutors if needed. College is so much fun, so find the right balance between study and fun.


College is a complicated place, and many times you can slack off without noticing. Never put things off, it just tangles you up and makes your life miserable later. When you check out a college, get to know the professors in your field. They are the people that will help you do your best, and if you click with them college will be a great experience for you. Also, don't go outside of your budget. College is stressful enough without having to worry about getting enough money to survive.


Go visit the college in question, learn as much as you can about the college and the classes and degrees they offer, learn about on and off campus jobs and financial aid, then make a decision. it helps if you make a list of pros and cons conserning each of the schools you are interested in that way you can easily compare them. just have fun.


I would advise parents and students to find a university or college that best fits your needs. Find a university that is exceptional in the field that you would like to get into but make sure that you enjoy the surronding area as well. Talk to students at the universities when visiting to find out what type of school it is. Don't make hasty decisions.


Definitely visit prospective campuses! Being on campus will give you a feel for what the school is really like, and it will probably be different from what it seems like in its glossy brochure or website. Once you've chosen and are attending your school, get involved right away! Don't wait for people to talk to you. Talk to them first, and you'll make tons of friends! Join and participate in at least two clubs. There are clubs for everyone and everything, and clubs are a fun way to get involved at your school and make friends with similar interests. Last of all, don't stress! Take risks, and enjoy every moment!


As a future student, you should definitely travel to the campus you are interested in and spend a few days there to get the feel of it. As a parent of a future student, you should travel down with your child when they visit, so that you have an idea of what type of environment they will be living in. Taking a trip down to a college campus before enrolling, makes the decision easier on parent and student, because they can roam the campus together, check out local shopping choices, discover fun things to do, and get a good feel for the city where the campus is located. A student should look for a college with a theme that entices them to do well academically and in life. This type of motto will help you as a student get involved socially with other students and teachers, because you are trying to do whatever possible to enrich your own life, as well as others around you. SUU would definitely be a college I would recommend to anyone; the friendliness, easy accessibility of buildings and libraries, and beautiful campus are just a few of the enticing features for incoming students!


Don't just look at the name of the school but look at what they have to offer. Price is another thing. If you can get some of classes done at a state/community college you will be able to save a lot of money. Staying in state will also offer a cheaper way to get your schooling do as well as living at home, if possible. Don't get over your head, you want to be successful.


Don't limit yourself when looking at schools. If you have something in mind go ahead and apply. You'll regret it if you never find out if you could have made it into your dream school. Don't be afraid to go somewhere different than all your friends. Sometimes the experience is priceless. Parents, stay involved in your kids' school selections and let them know what you think. The decision is ultimately theirs, but your information is incredibly valuable. I wish I would have had guidance from my parents.


I think the best advice that i could give is to just make sure that the soon-to-be college student is confortable with the surroundings of the campus and the culture around it. And to also ask a lot of the students what they think of the school so you dont get biased opinions from just campus staff.


Do what you do for the right reasons. Don;t try to please anyone else. Get school spirit.


First of all, I would decide how big of a campus you want, and if you want a place with higher or lower competition. Also, going and taking tours on campus can be a really good idea so you can get a good feel for what the place is like and meet the students that go there. Just talking to the recruiters can be a bad idea, since it's their job to make the campus seem like a perfect place. If you know anyone who attends the college, talk to them first - they experience it first hand and are more willing to give all the pros and cons. Also, making the most of the college experience is completely up to you. You have to take the innitiative to make new friends, get involved and do well in classes. Socializing is a big part of college, but having too much of it can result in bad grades - and that's the fastest way to ruin the experience. Also, make friends with the students and professors in your department, they're the people who you'll be spending a lot of time with and can result in long-lasting friendships.


Making the right choice of which college to attend can be a daunting task. In my search for the right college, I talked to many current students of the schools I was considering. I considered my parent's opinion and the choices that my friends were making. In the end I chose not to attend the school that my parents would have chosen or the one that my friends chose either. I chose the school because while visiting campus I felt at home. Feeling comfortable in your surroundings is invaluable. Make a choice that you can be happy with for at least four years. While at college I found it was a very good choice to live on campus for my freshman year. It is a wonderful and easy way to make friends. My friends from the dorms are still my very best friends in the world. Because everyone is new and in the same boat, the dorms are an excellent place to meet people to help you brave the challenges ahead. College will be a wonderful experience, especially if you feel comfortable in your surroundings and make good friends to share it with.


Deciding on which college to attend can be a very tough experience. So much of the future is determined by this single decision and can play a major role in who one becomes. To those approaching any major decision it becomes imperative to weigh all the options, rely on the facts you already know, and ultimately to decide on what feels right. It is also very important to be yourself and seek to attend a college that will assist in making you a better you. Your identity should not be lost through the decision making process, rather it should be forefront on your mind. Though the process and final decision of matriculation can be rigorous, its important to endure it well. Ultimately, once the decision has been made you must seek to do all you can to succeed. No matter where you go, you can still be the better you and grow to become who you want to be.


To the students I highly suggest finding a school that fits your personality and makes you happy. Don't just worry about the school's rankings and such. It won't matter that you're in a top 10 school if you don't love it, because you won't learn as much. Finding the school that fits you will not only make the transition from high school to college easier, but it will ensure you have a better college experience and learn to your greatest capability. To the parents, although your support is much needed, alow your child to make their own decisions. It won't do the student any good to feel forced into the decision of which school to decide. I found a school that I loved, and although my father told me I shouldn't go there and could do much better, I had the best year of my life and learned more than I ever would have expected. My father now admits that I was right and found the perfect school for me.


Parents need to let there child decided where they want to go or else they will be miserable in the enviroment they are placed in.


Make the choice wisely, and choose what feels most right. Choose a school that you feel comfortable at, and get involved with everything you can.


Look at the city and the life of the city. Pay attention to what you feel when you visit the area- is it friendly, safe, do you trust the people here? When you visit advisors and other help on campus have lots of questions available to see if they can answer your questions and if they cant how do they go about finding those answers for you? Also! get a second opinion of big decisions!! Dont always assume that someone yuo speak to knows what they are talking about all the time. Make sure the people here are willing to support their students and go the extra mile to ensure student success; afterall, your paying for it! get the experience you expect , want and deserve!


I advise students to find a school that fits them well that they will love. I advise parents to support your student in their own decision and not force them into choosing a specific school. If this is done the student will enjoy their time much more and therefore learn more effectively.


LIVE ON CAMPUS!!! That is the best way to make new friends that will help focus and still be able to have fun.


I think the most important thing we need to look for is how much thing (or opportunities) we can get. In order to achieve that purpose, we need to see how much opportunity school provides to its students. Most students who want to be involved in the extra-culicular things might succeed because those people tend to have ability to do what they need to do. As the fact, there is so many students who do not know it, and they usually get lower GPA and keep complaining about professors without improving youself. So as my opinion, schools which provide more extra things tends to be better than the others because more smart srudents are in that kind of school. Those students improves the environment to make you study harder, as the result, you learn more. Thank you for reading.


I had never heard of the school that I chose until my graduating year. My heart was set on another school, and that school had already accepted me. I knew where I was going to live, had an idea of where I could work, and everything seemed to be coming together. Then, through an idle comment, I heard of a 'little school down south' that had all the charm, culture, and appeal of a close-knit community. I wasn't a small-town person, but I did like smaller classes and the outdoors. After a short investigation I changed my preference and leaped into my first year of college without knowing precisely how it would end up. I took the chance and jumped, and I have been well rewarded for taking the challenge. When taking the next step it's wise to expect some stumbles, and maybe even a scar or two. But those scars will tell stories. Overall, it's about taking chances, putting a foot forward and trusting the ground that's there. I wouldn't trade my experience for the world, and I'm glad to have followed an idle comment that led to a dream fulfilled.


A school where class sizes are small because you get more individual attention. Opportunity to be involved and have a great experience.


I would definintely recommend visiting the campus. Go with the school that feels right to you. Then when you get there, do anything new to keep yourself busy. Get involved with things on campus, if you're not doing something everyday, you're not involved enough. Have no regrets and have fun, put yourself out there because this is the time to become who you want to be. Parents, support your students no matter what their decision is. Always be there for them and be aware of what they're doing, put an honest effort in knowing what it is that your student is doing. You both will never regret it.


As a student, I would say look at what you enjoy the most, both school and extra-curricular things. Pick the school that matches the best with you. For parent, I would say, let your student explore. This is their time to be an adult and its one of the first major choices they will make in thier lives.


Be outgoing and interactive, have fun but be resposible, pick a place and have a good atitude about it, get involved and do great!


When it comes to choosing a college, follow your gut. Even if a school is well known and has a fancy name, it may not be the right place for you. Every school has its good parts as well as its drawbacks. Make sure to weigh your options and take into account what your priorities are. When it all comes down to it, trust your gut feeling.


There are a few things to look for i a college that I think are essential. Number one campus size. What kind of a connection with the profesors are you looking for. Number two, does the school have the degree you want, or area's of interest if you have no decided yet. Number three price. Although it shouldn't be the deciding thing price is a big factor, if one school offers a scholarship and another doesn't the first two things are the same then that is a big thing to consider. Enivironment is anoother thing. If you are used to living in the mountains and love it you might want to hesitate moving to the desert. overall though the biggest thing I would say is the feel of the campus. walk on campus for a couple hours during the school year. see how the students innteract with each other. look at the library the cafeteria. see how lost or not lost you get and if you feel safe in the area. the city around the school is very important. you can love the school hate the city and then hate the school. take it all in.


Make sure that the university or college is the place that you want to be; if you feel like ou shouldn't be there, you probably shouldn't.


My advice to any student is get involved in activities. There are so many opportunities to have a role in leadership and service activities. If you don't get out you don't experience college life. There are many wholesome and leadership building activities that students can do. Students who are involved learn skills to balance time and study harder. I have a great experience.


The best way to find the right college is to first check out their academic classes and how they fit what you want to do. After you check out the academics of the school try and visit the school. That will show you almost exactly what the campus life will be like and how much you will enjoy it. If you do not have fun on your campus tour that means you will probably not have a good time being at the school at all because not enjoying yourself when you first go to a new place then that is a pretty good sign that you will not have a good time being at the school.


When trying to find the right college, the best thing for me was to visit them and take a campus tour. Don't only look at the campus itself, but the surrounding areas too. Someone who feels at home in a big city may not enjoy a campus that is too rural, or on the other hand, they may find on their visit that they love the idea of a rural campus. Once you find the campus that "fits" your style and the requirements you are looking for, make sure you go out and meet people. Some of the best friends you'll have in life will be ones you meet while you are in college. College is definitely a time to study hard, stay motivated to achieve acaademically, and do your best, but it is also a time to meet new friends, enjoy social activities, and learn to be balanced in life.


Finding an affordable school with the great education. I attended a large university the first time I transferred, after transferring to a smaller university, I truly enjoy the smaller class sizes. Large schools tend to not give as much one-on-one attention, and finding a good mentor is a little bit harder. Making the most of the college experience is getting to know your classmates, attend school events, and participate in what you can. I think the sporting events are the best, especially when there is alot of school spirit.


Advice that is fitting to both parents and students, is to find a University that taliors to the needs of the student. This will allow the student to feel more comfortable, while learning and enjoying themselves at the same time. College is supposed to be a great time for students to discover their likes and dislikes, what their interests are, and what will ultimately lead them to a desired career or pathway of study. This is a great opportunity to grow, to meet people and to expand students understanding. Parents need to encourage students and offer advice as needed. Having a positive support will make students feel valid and that is something that is held in high esteem to many students. No matter which direction your student decides to travel, support them! It all flies by so quickly- so have a good time!!


Always ask for help, and challenge yourself. Step out of what is ordinary for you everyday. The best lessons learned at college are ones we learn outside of the classroom,


Go with what fits your personality. If it seems overwhealming it is most likely going to distract you.


Parents and Students, When looking at colleges there are three important things that should help with the decision making process. (1) Location/population- Can you handle a big city or small town? (2) Have you made a connection with a teacher in the dpartment you might want to major in? (3) Can you afford it? Do everything you can to stay out of debt or with as little debt as possible! Then when you get to college get involved, with student government, honors society, the greeks, a club, music/theatre, athletics... the possibilities are countless. Good Luck!


I think they should definitely sign up for one of the campus tours, that is what helped me decide that this was the right school for me. I think that when you go to the different campuses you know which one is for you by the way you feel while you are there. You can tell if the school is going to be right for you or not by how you feel while you're there.