Southern Utah University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would choose the "closeness" of the school. When I say closeness I mean the abillity the school has to personally connect with each of it's students. With a student population just under 8,000 it makes it more than possible for the Profressors to personally get to know their students. It is a college level learning atmosphere with a "home" feel about it. I have found that it is very easy to not only gain a close relationship with my Professors but also with the other students in which I associate myself with.


The best thing about this school is how small the classes are for a University. There is also hands on experiance in your field of study


First of all, Southern Utah University is a very small, tight-knit school which provides more personal attention for the student--classes are generally about 30 to 40 students; not to mention campus is easy to get around on. Also, Southern Utah University has an extraordinary theatre program providing great education for those going into that field and a great scource of entertainment for others. Southern Utah University also offers a major in Biology with a forensic emphasis which is the only place it's offered in Utah. Overall, SUU is a very social school full of dedicated faculty.


My favorite thing about SUU is the excellent professors. They really seem to enjoy what they teach, and it helps the students gain a passion for learning. The faculty is also very diverse ethnically. They are always willing to help if you don't understand the curriculum. Some of my professors have become good friends.


I love the environment of Southern Utah University. The classes are fairly small in general which gives students and teachers the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level. The people here at SUU are really friendly and outgoing. I practically live at the library; it is a great place to study and learn. The mountains here are beautiful; Brianhead Ski Resort is close by as well as fun hiking spots. SUU is a wonderful place to be!


The best thing about SUU would be that it's a smaller campus, you aren't having to kill yourself trying to get to your classes on time. Another thing would be that there aren't that many students in each of your classes, so you're able to meet with your proffesors one on one and they all get to know your name. You get the feeling that feeling of belonging.


I think the best part of Southern Utah University is the diversity. You walk around and see a variety of people, and it really helps the college experience be enjoyable.


I love SUU because of the smaller class size. Its still a big school with plenty of class choices and major choices. but the classes are small enough that sudents are still given more 1 on 1 time with the professors.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it caters to me. I am a vocal performance major and I enjoy all the one on one time I get with my professors and the resources there are for me there. I also really enjoy all my classes even if they are gen-ed because they are interesting and all my classes are small so if I have to talk to the professor then they can talk to me and not take too much time from someone else.


The best thing about my school is the teachers and faculty. I really feel as though these people care about what they are doing and truly want me to succeed. Everytime I have a question I have somebody who can help me, or who can point me in the right direction. All of my teachers are brilliant and if I have trouble they are willing to help me and they are understanding.