Southern Virginia University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The sologan of SVU is "the genius of small." The average class size is 25 students, and the total population of the school is a little over 700 students. We believe that our smaller class size improves the education of our students because they have a more intimate relationship with the teacher and students in the class. By the end of your first year, you recognize the majority of the students and staff, and you know and interact with many of them in classes, so students feel like a person instead of a number.


My school is tiny and not very well known. The more unique things about it include it's LDS atmosphere and the fact that a school so small has NCAA athletic programs


I believe it is best known for the athletics, most of the students are athletes, and there is a great oportunity to play.


Southern Virginia University allows students a wholesome LDS environment where they are engaged in both the classroom and the community. Because of the smaller size of this magnificent university, students are able to interact with professors on a personal level which greatly enhances education. SVU is also a liberal arts college, so students are invited to explore a variety of engaging subjects as they learn how to become critical thinkers, communicate effectively, and gain and express enlightened opinions. Students who gain an education at SVU are prepared to enter the workforce or graduate school with outstanding confidence.


The sense of belonging that accompanies the students. The students who come here are drawn here, they feel almost like they are coming home.


A small liberal arts bassed education. There are very few students making your education the best that it can be because you get personal attetion. The liberal arts program assures that you will learn a bunch about both your major and other parts of the worl that will help you think and express what you learn.


The Genious of Small. The class sizes at SVU are extremely small so undergraduate students at SVU are getting graduate student level attention and experiences. The teachers know all of their students individually and this allows for students to find mentors and friends with their teachers here at svu.


Southern Virginia University is best known for its motto: Genius of Small. The university centers everything that it does around this theme. The classes are small. At SVU, you won't find yourself in a large lecture hall or auditorium. The professors know you personally. I once had the opportunity to talk to one of my professors about Harry Potter in the school cafe and then went to his class and studied Russell and the Problem of Induction! The small size of SVU allows it to be more like home. There is a quite determination that guides all university aspects.


The only LDS, liberal arts private school.

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