Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love the people there and everyone I meet there is friendly and welcoming. The students there have very high moral standards, and the teachers do as well. The school is extremely small, which I love. You get personal attention from the professors, you have smaller class sizes, and there are more opportunies available to each student. It's also in a beautiful place.


It is a small, amazing community; Where the classes are small and every professor knows not only your name, but how to help yyou make the best of your education. They are interested in helping you graduate. There is a honor code that makes life on campus better, because you know that every last person has the same standards as you have.


The first response of my peers is to scoff when I tell them where I will be transferring to. "Buena Vista, Virginia?" They say, "Why would you go there?" Their attitude changes, however, when I tell of the close relationship between professor and student and of the classes sized for a personalized learning environment. Though physically distanced from much, it is impossible to feel isolated amongst the network of support the campus offers. You are not relegated to a number but maintain your individuality and, more, you would be hard-pressed to turn without finding someone willing to help you.


The small class size and the way professors are available to help. I like the way I feel at home here. I'm pretty busy most of the time, but I know whenever I want to do something, I can find something to do.


I brag most on the people. The people here are so kind and accepting. They have a specific light to them, that shines in their eyes and in their smile, that just makes you feel loved and wanted. People on campus are always willing to help or lend a hand to someone in need. They are always performing service. The people are the biggest reason why I felt like I needed to be here. Being at this school makes me a better person. I want to be the best person I can be.


the spirit on this campus is so amazing and everyone is so friendly


When I brag about my school to my friends, I mostly tell them about the incredibly small class size and what a quality education this school offers. The teachers know most of there students by name, and although it is a small school, everyone is very nice and you make a lot of friends very quickly. I would tell them there is a reason our school's slogan is "the genius of small", because everyone here recieves a very personalized education, unlike larger universities with class sizes approaching one hundred men and women.


The spirit felt here at SVU is incredible and it has strengthened me in all aspects.


I brag about my teachers and the class sizes. I love that the biggest class I have had while here is 30 students. I took an upper division chemistry course with two students. The smaller class size allows for the professors to know their students better and for the students to build a stronger support system. We get great help from each other and guidance from our professors on a collective and individual basis. Most of the professors came from well known schools and could have taught almost anywhere, but they are here because of their love for us.


I like to tell people about the small class sizes and the fact that the professors have great relationships with the students.


The professors are amazing. The small class size allows you to have a greater learning experience.


The small class sizes and how accessible our professors are.


The professors were amazing, and there was a lot of one on one instruction. And the varsity sport I played won a national championship.


The classes are really hard, yet I am doing well in them and I love that I get to watch my sister play varsity sports.


How wonderful the spirit is here and how wonderful all my teachers are and how well qualified they are and how they are always willing to help and talk with all of their students one on one

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