Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost is the factor that I dislike most about it.


The internet connection at my dorm is probably the worst thing about my school. The connection is faulty and can be agonizingly slow making it difficult to download assignments or print reports for class.


The worst thing about my school would most likely be the facilities. They are very outdated and due to the institute being a small private university, they don't have too much money to spend on nice additional facilities that aren't high priority. Besides that, some people don't like how small the school is, although many do. Also, the school is located in a small town kind of in the middle of nowhere. It is very beautiful but some find it hard to find many things to do in their spare time.


The worst thing about the school, is the internet connection. I know peole may think differently, thinking that the Honor Code is the worst, or that the school is small is a bad thing. But the surrounding community is wonderful, and mostly everyone is friendly. But as a computer geek, I would say the internet is terrible. Sometimes it barely works! That is the worst thing that I can come up with about the school, becuase everything else is fantastic.


I consider myself very fortunate to attend this university. This university is not perfect however and my main concern is the cost of the school. Even with scholarships and a part-time job, I find myself without enough. Times have been incredible hard for my family so sometimes I feel as if I am barely getting by. The quality of education is high here and if I manage to finish school then I believe I will be well off. At times I wonder if I will ever be able to finish school because of its high costs.


The worst thing is that not all credits are transferable, but that's how it is with almost any college or university.


The worst thing at Southern Virginia University is that on Sundays the campus cafe is closed.


classrooms are small and while this can be a benefit (more one on one learning) it is also kind of a hinderance.


The worst thing about the school is the location... This is an extremely small town and so without proper transportation, there are not too many options to get away from school life.


Sometimes the campus can feel "too small" and it can be somewhat difficult to escape for a while if you do not have a car.


The facilities are very unattractive and the food isn't very good.


There is a lot of red tape and strict rules, although they are being looked at very closely lately, and many have been changed for the better. It seemed for a while that there was red tape over everything that needed to be done, and there is still a lot, but it's getting better. It just gets really frustrating.


The honor code and it's enforcment.


I consider the food at SVU to be the worst thing. There are some days that the food is very good but most days are what we call "salad bar" days where the salad bar is pretty much all you can eat. The only people who really have to deal with this problem though are freshman as they have to have a meal plan, no freshman dorms have kitchens. Upperclassmen have housing options with kitchens and reduced meal plans.


The lack of diversity. It isn't a horrible thing, but everyone is generally LDS and I feel like there are so many cliches. However, we are all nice to each other, but many students come from large caucasian areas and it is hard for most to socialize with those from another race. Also, with those of another religion. In a way it is unavoidable because we have standards to uphold that they choose not to, but you notice the division between those who are LDS and those who aren't.

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