Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of student who really enjoys small towns and close knit student bodies. The town is super small but the students really get to know each other and the professors are almost always available, during office hours or at your convienence. There is a lot of acodemic strive here for us to take advantage of. The kind of student who should come here is someone with lots of school spirit.


Anyone who is looking for an amazing liberal arts education, and that is looking for people who have good standards.


Students who want to attend Southern Virginia University should be interested in a liberal arts education. Not all classes will focus on the intended major, but they are classes worth taking. Students should also be prepared for a small campus. This small school setting means that students get to know each other well and quickly, which I think is a good thing. It also means the professors know the students personally. Finally, students should make education the priority.


Anyone should attend this school, but someone who is dedicated to succeed should go because the acceptance rate to graduate schools is amazing.


Someone who learns better in smaller class. Someone who is ok with small towns. Someone who will likely attend another college after graduating from this one.


In order to be successful at Southern Virginia University, a student needs to be dedicated, hard working, service oriented, and have high standards. The school is very small and personal and it isn't easy to slip in between the cracks. The counselors and professors expect a lot from their students and want to see recognizable improvement with each course a student completes. So, I would recommend that goal oriented, positive, and driven students attend this university.


Some who loves learning in a small class size, where the professors know and care about you should come to SVU! This is school is also great for those with high moral standards, who don't want to worry about other students drinking or doing drugs. If you weren't really involved in extra curricular activities in high school, but want to start now, SVU is a great place to explore your interests.


If someone is planning to attend this school, it would be a fantastic opportunity for him/her. The thing they need to know though, is the honor code. This school follows guidelines to keep the community safe, and more focused on what is important. As students the honor code is a set of guidelines we need to live by. There is not tolerance of alcohol or drugs on campus, or of violence, and innapropriate dress. Everyone is supposed to be well groomed. There is also no tolerance of lying, cheating or stealing. Which makes the campus better.


Any student that comes to Southern Virginia University is welcomed in by an enthusiastic crowd of genuine people and by the end of the first semester the new student will have definitely become a better person than what they started out as.


Those who wish to attend Southern Virgina University should be a person with high standards and moral values. The SVU Honor Code closely follows the values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the Mormon church, and its standards. In fact this school's Honor Code closely follows the Honor Code that you would find at one of the BYU schools. A propective student planning on attending SVU should encompass its five core values which are scholarship, discipleship, accountability, enthusiasm, and refinement. They should be eager to learn, serve, be obedient, have fun and improve themselves.


I believe that individuals who plan on attending Southern Virginia University should be comfortable with reading and writing. The course load at a Liberal Arts College requires a proficiency in these areas. In addition, individuals who are interested in being involved in athletics, student council, arts should attend this university.


Someone who focuses on their studies, who enjoy small class sizes, enjoys being active in their school and who is interested in becoming a better all around person.


The type of person that should attend this university is one who takes his or hers academics exceedingly seriously. This school is difficult and challenges one to do his or hers best work. With that said one who wishes to attend this school must be hardworking, enthusiast, and caring.


The kind of person who likes being in contact with professors and needs one on one help. Someone who likes commiting themselves to their morals and is okay with being held acountable if their morals fail.


Anyone can attend this school, there is no prejudice on anyone. This environment is very nuturing and loving, and there is always a lot of help provide if needed.


Anybody who isn't used to being in a large city type environment would be very comfortable at this school. Also, anyone who likes to actively participate and learn in class would like SVU.


One who really wants to focus on schoolwork, and who wants to get married fast


Someone who has high personal standards and goals. Someonewho is willing to work hard but knows how to have fun too.

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