Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is ready to work hard and have and open flexible mind for learning.


I think anyone can attend.


In general, SVU is not a 'party college'. We are not near clubs, party homes, activity centers, theaters, or other gathering places, so it takes a lot of effort to be a party animal. The school also has a strict code of conduct that restricts outlandish behavior. The goal of the university is to produce hard working, well rounded, responsible, contributing members of society, and the curriculum reflects that goal. The focus is not fun and games, but games and education.


A non religous person, no one without any discipline or have trouble following rules, also no one that isn't accountable


Here at Southern Virginia, there is a Code of Honor. In this Code, that every student has to sign before attending this school, it states that we uphold specific standards to try to be the best students/friends/citizens/people we can be. Someone who cannot stay true to this Code would have a difficult time staying. Things that we agree not to do are things such as consuming alcohol, participating in drugs or immoral activites, etc. Southern Virginia is a great place. But if one isn't willing to live by the rules, it isn't the right place.


If you have a specific degree in mind, be advised that there is a limited amount of options at Southern Virginia University. There is also a strict honor code that may not be for everyone. The norms of college life are not so at Southern Virginia University; drinking, smoking, recreational drug use, premarital sex is not permitted.


Someone who will be unwilling to live by the standards and requirements that are presented him/her.


people who can't live the honor code that is in place at this school or if they dislike small schools.


People who have no personal ambition, no self-restraint, and low standards would not feel comfortable here. The students are all excited to be here, want to learn as much as possible, and have high hopes and expectations.


Someone who is not self-motivated and/or does not have a desire to help others. This school focus's on the concept of becoming a leader-servant, if a person does not desire to better themselves by serving others then they should apply elsewhere.


Any one who does not want to be expected to follow an honor code or who does not like small communities.


You should not attend this school if you love the idea of college being full of people you dont know. A person who does not like to follow the rules and regulations set up should not attend because the rules are taken seriously.


Anyone willing to live by LDS values


Someone who is narrow-minded, prejudiced and unwilling to accept people for who they are and what they believe would not be happy at this school. People who enjoy huge party schools and big cities would not like Southern Virginia University very much either.


Someone who is not afraid to be involved in classes


If someone is not willing to abide by the honor code, they should not come here. There is a stict honor code that each student signs and very high dress and grooming standards we are expected to maintain. If a student is not willing to abide by these rules and follow the honor code--that they signed--then they shouldn't even bother coming here in the first place.


Southern Virginia University is a center of true learning for the real world. We strive to be leader-servents and to learn and apply what that means in our daily lives. A person should not attend SVU if they are only going to college for the worldly experience of having sex, drinking, using drugs and getting away with tarnishing their reputations. We are held to high standards and value them. We only wish to associate with those that agree with those standards and are also willing to uphold them and keep SVU a wonderful, morally and otherwise clean campus.

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