Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I felt prepared going into Southern Virginia, but I think it is important for prospective students to know that the school has a high attendance of LDS students. When students sign the honor code, whether a member of the LDS faith or not, they are held accountable to those standards. The religion is not pushed on to students who are not members, but it might be a big change for those of other faiths.


I wish I would have known that class scheduling is not flexible. For example, Biology 1, Calculus 1 and Chemistry 1 are only offered in the fall semesters. Likewise, Biology 2, Calculus 2 and Chemistry 2 are only offered in the spring semesters. If you can't fit a class in your schedule, you have to wait an entire year to take it.


Nothing, I attended an open house, the faculty and senior students and professors made sure that we knew everything we needed to know before the school year started.


I wish I would have really understood how small it would be. But even though the university is small, I love it. They call it the "genius of small".


I wish I would have known that I don't have to be shy and try to fit in. Everyone at Southern Virginia University sees the good in everyone, and really encourage you to be yourself. Also, don't be shy with your talents. Southern Virginia University really encourages students to share and develop their talents, because it is a liberal arts school.


I will be a transfer student this fall so I am unsure of what this campus will have in store for me. I am trying to do the best research I can and so far the faculty has been very helpful.


I wish I had known that everyone there will accept me for who I am and won't make fun of me.


I wish I would have known how different the east coast is from the west coast, having never been east of Texas. Although it is a small town, it seems like a car is still needed to go anywhere. Most of the places for shopping and such are over ten miles from here, which would have been nice to know, as well as the knowledge of there being virtually no hiking trails in virginia. A better sense of physical organization would have been nice, and well as the patience to deal with overly messy roomates.


I wish I would have known not to be as nervous. I think that my anticipation of how the school was going to treat me made me miss out on some social opportunities early on. I was too conscious of the LDS environment the school promotes, and immediately felt like I wasn't going to be accepted because I'm not a member.


I wish I had known how little a college student reallly needs to survive and thrive when packing, and how much more important it is to call home than to laze around on a Saturday morning.


There is not as much financial aid as I expected


Nothing, I was very well prepared by my academic advisor.


The majors that were offered.


How small it actually was

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