Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is a small school where the professors know who you are and are willing to help with any problems in or out of the classroom.


The small and simple environment including campus honor code and the student body that have the same values as me.


The best thing about Southern Virginia University is the small, community-like enviroment. Everyone knows everyone and the teachers are so genuinely interested in your success and in helping you achive your goals. SVU requires excellence and honesty from all their stuents and teaches them about being Leader-Servants in the world. SVU is very much influenced by the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-day Saints, teaching the principles and doctrines believed by the church members, making it a very religious influenced learning enviroment that I love


I am most excited about attending SVU because of the intimate learning environment and the strong LDS presence on campus. At larger schools it is all too easy to become a number, a mere statistic. SVU's approach to education, their "genius of small", is designed to best help students achieve academic success while still maintaining their individuality. The LDS values that shape campus life are both complimentary to the education program and they encourage students to make connections and to foster long-lasting uplifting relationships. At SVU you not only improve as a student but also as a person.


The best thing about this school is the small and personal learning enivronment. The average class size is sixteen and I really feel like I'll be getting a quality education.


I consider the enviormnet the best thing about the school. At Southern Virginia University the envorment is a safe, and clean place. The honor code of the school helps students focus on their school work, while also having fun.


The best thing about my school is the wonderful learning environment it gives to its students. The class sizes are small and the teachers get to have a close friendship with the students to help them learn more effectively. The professors are very well educated and overly qualified. Also, with the strong LDS environment that the school has, it is a safe place to be far from the bad temptations of the world. Lastly, being an NCAA Division III school, it gives a great opportunity for many to become student athletes in a very competitive athletic conference.


I think the best thing about my university is it's commitment to high standards, especially in a world where many people reject moral accountability, this school emphasises it extensively.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere that is here. Its easy to makes friends and to get to know alot of people, also for a college setting its really low key and peaceful. The landscape is beautiful and the people here a beautiful too. It is just a good place to be.


The opportunity that a small school of this quality can deliver is excellent. You have much more opportunity to be in student government and participate in sports, as well as a myriad of extra curricular activities. Because of the small student population the school is able to offer much better career opportunities through its networking of teachers and alumni.


The spirit is so warm, friendly and welcoming. I can truly consider this place a home. It's mountains and surrounding area is beautiful and I love it when the leaves are changing or when it snows.


The class sizes are great, they are small so there is more one-on-one time with the professors, who are always there to offer help and consel.


Very good, enthusiastic professors with a variety of backgrounds that bring different things to the school and community.


I think the best thing about SVU is the spirit that is here, because it is a Liberal Arts College in an LDS enviroment. Everyone is so nice and willing to get to know everyone and you walk onto our campus nd it feels like you're right at home

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