Southern Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who likes a smaller school. Someone who loves to help. And definitly people who aren't afraid show their love for Christ.


A focused student will do well at SWU. Goal oriented and works well with others in a group will thrive in this type of setting.


Someone that is focus and a Christian.


This campus is a Christian campus and i feel that a person with values and a person who is close with God and someone who is ready to take a closer look at themselves and what they want in life besides just a degree in whatever suject is appealing. This school has a good education program that is based on Christian outlooks.




Someone who has the desire to learn and grow both acedemicaly and spiritually.


I feel that almost anyone could fit in at this school. However, it might prove aggravating to attend such a Christian-based school for those of different religious backgrounds.


Anyone looking for a caring school with helpful and supportive faculty members.


A person who wants to be academically challenged, as well as spiritually challenged.