Southern Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not have there faith as there top priorities should not attend this school. This school is based on Cristian beliefs.


I don't think there is any kind of person who shouldn't attend Southern Wesleyan. However, students should be aware of the spiritual/faith emphasis of the school's policies and atmosphere. The school particularly caters to those struggling with their studies or those needing additional attention due to limited disabilities or emotional needs. Free counseling services are provided for all students, faculty and staff, and the teachers are incredible personable and caring.


Only the person who wants to learn.


anyone who wants to. the school is libral ares focused, but we do have a good sized science division. and sports like soccer, baseball/ softball, and basket ball are big on campus.


If you are looking for a cold, impersonal school with apathetic professors and thousands distant peers, then SWU is NOT for you. The classes are small, and faculty are willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed. The students are among some of the most kind and caring people you will ever meet.


Anyone who drinks should not consider SWU. Drinking is against school policy and more people get kicked out for that than anything else. I don't think this is the school for someone who is not Chritian either, becasue unfortunately as the school tells so many about the love of Christ, it is not accepting of other faiths at all.


A Person who doesn't care about getting a education at all.


every kind of person goes to SWU. it is very diverse.