Southside Virginia Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Finishing my undergraduate before getting married and having children. But at this point in my adult life I believe I take it more serious furthering my education having extensive work experience and life experience.


Take one college course over the summer at a university in a state you want to travel to.


I would tell myself to experience the world before going off to college or starting a family. I would then throw myself, after a year of experiencing reality, into working toward that piece of paper (dipolma) that somehow validates you as an intelligent contributing being in the business world. Having already aquired the knowledge that intelligence , dependability and iniative mean nothing without a degree, I would use whatever resources (borrowing if necessary) to acheive the highest attainable (financially and timewise) degree possible to ensure useful and sustaining employment for the remainder of my years.