Southwest Baptist University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place where you will find people who will love you and accept you.


SBU is a christian focused university that stresses the importance of reaching into our community and influencing it by using the resources and skills we will obtain at college.


Southwest Baptist University is a caring faith based academic community that offers a wide variety of fields of study.


It is a great school and everyone helps each other it is like family here.


Southwest Baptist University is that school where you see familiar faces every day, you can go up and ask questions to your professors after class, and most people in the dorm are looking for a good time.


Southwest Baptist University is a very friendly, Christ centered, caring, and home like campus.


Strict. We aren't allowed to live off campus until we are 21 or have 90 hours, so junior year or senior year for most. We have curfew our first semester freshman year. We have "visitation" only on Thursdays from 7-10, where the opposite sex can be in your room only if they check in at the dorm lobby and you keep your door proped open, RA's come by to check on you as well. Also, you aren't allowed to drink when you are 21... even in the summer when you aren't attending school.