Southwest Baptist University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


SBU is well known for sending students out on mission trips, and for winning in forensics and SIFE competitions


As a whole, I cannot say. While we excel in many fields, most important to myself is our Courts Redford College of Theology. If someone is going to pay the expense of a private school, a quality education should be given, and the professors in Redford are brilliant. The philosophy teacher alone, Dr. Zach Manis, an environment that briths a hunger for knowledge. Dr. Rodney Reeves is so passionate that he can hold the most distracted student's attention, seemingly without effort. I cannot say just how much I have appreciated the education I have received in that college.


Nationwide, at least, SBU is probably known for its D2 basketball program, which upset Utah University last year.


SBU is primarily known as a conservative, Christian private university with caring faculty and staff, and excellent programs in physical therapy, education, and business.


This school is known for being a Baptist college. Many of the students are not religious however. The computer science and math programs are amazing.


The school color... purple.


It is best known for being a christian school and being small.


Being a part of the Southern Baptist Convention.