Southwest Baptist University Top Questions

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Southwest Baptist is the perfect university to transition from high school to college. The class sizes are smaller than at a public university which makes learning and getting to know your professor much easier. I always felt that the professors at SBU were more considersate and understanding, they wanted their students to succeed and would put forth the effort to help those students who needed additonal assistance. My final decision to attend SBU was their science department, I knew that they would teach me everything I needed to know while still following the word of God.


It has a great atmosphere and really small classses. All of the teachers are so great and it is just an awesome place to go to school at.


My school is unique because the underlying theme of the school is to make you a better person by having smaller class sizes and helping the students connect with the staff on a personal level.


It is a christian school and pretty small.


Southwest Baptist University is a Christ-centered college which is the main reason I decided on attending there. My faith is very important to me and I believe SBU helps prepare me to be someone who is Christ-centered as well.