Southwest Baptist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The town is probably the worst because there is nothing to do socially. Also food wise there is only fast food and places to work are slim to none. The off campus living is pretty sketchy and hard to find somewhere nice.


Dormlife is probably the worst only because there is a lot of separation of guys and girls. I understand the reasons for them, but sometimes it is inconvenient.


The worst thing about SBU is the food. It is not bad when you first attend, but it gets old really fast. There are a lot of options but the food in not the greatest towards the end of the week. This is to be expected though with cafeteria food.


Because of the high cost involved in being a privately funded institute, I understand that money will always be an issue, but it is very hard financially to attend this school, and if you can't pay, the school is unforgiving. They will cut your meal plan, and sometimes even refuse to give you credit for the classes you've taken unless you pay in full half-way through the semester. It's pretty cut-throat.


The tuition prices.


As a commuter student, my view may come from a little different perspective. The worst thing about my school is the lack of certain information that is passed on to those that live outside campus housing. One of the RA?s main jobs is to keep the students informed of certain events and deadlines. As an off-campus student, it is part of your responsibility to find this information out yourself. Yes, mass e-mails are sent out but not always obtained (experience speaking here). The worst part is knowing where to look for important deadline and school information yourself.


I go to a baptist university and it is tought being catholic because I sometimes feel that the students look at my views to be wrong rather than accepting it to be something different. Its nothing something that makes me want to leave the school but I feel the students arent exposed to diversity.


I really don't have anything i would consider worst at my school. Despite the cafeteria food our programs and activities make you strive to be a better person and at the same time you meet new people and have a blast.


I belive its location is the worst part of the school


I personally wouldn't know very well what is truly worst about SBU because I am not very invested in the campus life. I live off-campus and am relatively reclusive outside of attending classes, so my lack of investment is a fault of my own rather than the college. I personally dislike the presence of the football program as it seems to only drain funds on the college.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of maintenance of the buildings. There are several leaky roofs and it is embarrassing to have high school students come and see a big trash barrel in the middle of the hallway because we can't get the funds to fix our leaky roof. Meanwhile, construction has finished on a new Grand entrance. It's just annoying.