Southwest Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who has a passion for learning and wants to go to a very encouraging school. It is also a school where it is easy to make friends and fit in. Although it is in a small town so you have to like that.


I believe that all students can attend this school. The campus and school are very oriented toward a Christian lfestyle but the main goal of the University is to prepare students for life out of school. The people here are interesting, helpful, god loving people that want to pursue a career like any other student. It is a great campus for student activities, school spirit, class and major selection, as well as participating in athletics. Overall, it is a University that all students are worthy of.


Someone who is motivated to succeed and do well, one who prefers smaller class sizes, one who would prefer one on one help from professors, one who is willing to tolerate the strict rules of living on campus, and definitely someone who is not into partying , drinking, and smoking.


Any one, especially people who are Christ focused.