Southwest Baptist University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that the social life here is pretty nonexistant especailly on the weekend. Also there is a line between athletes and non athletes that is hard to break.


I wish I would of been taught how to actually study for college classes. High school was not that much of a challenge for me, I never really had to study for my classes. Learning study techniques as a freshmen in college was hard, I had to go through a lot of trial and error to find a study method. Finding that study method took all my freshmen year and good portion of my sophmore year . If I could have that knowledge going into college I feel that my first year at SBU would of been much less stressful.


Better financing and scholarship preperation.


I feel that I came to this school well prepared, knowing what to expect, even though this was not the college I planned on attending. It is of my opinion that this school has been well set up in how it handles everything from financial situations to basic college life.


Theres not much I didnt know before coming. My softball coach, who attended the school as well had me fairly prepared. If I had to pick though it would be lack of diversity because I come from a big city, and then came to a small town.


I wish I would have known the high expense to live on campus.


Balance in so important. No time is EVER a waste if it is used to benefit. Being calm and thinking through each decision takes more time and practice but is much more beneficial than a hot head and emotional kick. It's going to be what you make it, so plan now what you are going to make it, and make that happen. We know time flies, don't dwell on it -live and love, deeply, to other's benefit. The Lord and Creator is the ONLY steady in this crazy world. Grace living is seriously radical.


All the strict rules. How horrible the food was. And when you were allowed to move off campus


I wish I would have known how time consuming playing a sport would be.


That the financial aid department is not very helpful. Make sure you are willing to put in a lot of work to get money for school and figure a lot of things out on your own.


They have a very strict class attendance policy, and the cafeteria leaves a lot to be desired. (Meal plans are mandatory for on-campus students.) You must live on campus until you are married, 21, or a senior.