Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

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The Education program at SMSU is what separates it from most others. SMSU’s Education major includes concepts of pedagogy in its frame work. It has been ranked the top college in this field of study in the nation for the past nine years by U.S. News and World Report because of their excellent teaching community. As someone who will be joining the Teaching population, this was an important factor in choosing to apply here.


For the size of the school, we have great facilities and alot of activities for students to get involved in. Also, people are very friendly and are willing to help out. The professors also really know the students.


This is the 3rd college that I have attended and I wish if I could go back and do it all over again I would just go to this one. I like my professors in my major and minor fields. The professors make you want to learn and acheive more for yourself.


The small class sizes make it great to get hands on attention from the teachers. You are able to meet with them after or before class and they are very friendly. You get a lot of focused attention from the faculty . There are a lot of tutors/study groups if needed.


This school is the perfect size for me. It has all the qualities that I look forward to: smaller classes, wonderful professors, friendly students, and understanding of other races/religions.


It has a very relaxed atmosphere with a strong sense of accomplishment.


small class sizes and rural area


It is one of only two schools that has wheelchair basketball as a varsity sport. It is also only one of three campuses where the entire campus is connected, so there is no worry about having to struggle to get around during the winter time.


It's close to home.