Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about school is, how much of a desire I have to complete my degree. I brag mostly about the type of student I know I am, ready to be the best student I can be. I also talk about the change that education has brought to my life. Education has changed my path forever, I now know that with my education I will be part of the change for a better tomorrow.


The school possesses the perfect curriculum I need for both of my majors (Exercise Science for Pre-Chiropractic and Spanish). Secondly, the professor to student ratio per class allows the professor and the student to create a close, learning relationship. In addition, there are always events taking place throughout the year that focuses on trying to bring forth students from a wide range of diverse cultures together. The school also maintains the tunnel system, which is great when winter arrives and allows you to go from one place to another quickly.


The sporting events the get pretty wild and they are a lot of fun. Having played football the fact that we have a brand new stadum is a big deal. We also have a newer basketball field house. I would also say how the small class sizes are and how easy it was to do well because of how approachable the teachers are.


The new football stadium.


What I brag about most is the program I am involved in at Southwest Minnesota State. I am a Culinology major and it is one of the few four year programs available in the nation. I am involved in a fusion of Food Science and Culinary Arts, giving me essentially two majors in one. I take baking and culinary classes as well as chemistry and food science courses.


Open campus with lots of oppertunites to grow personally and educationally. Students and staff are friendly and available to assist each other in the learning process. The community support for the college is stellar, local and statewide availablitly to many forms of cultural and educational oppertunites outside the campus, plus there is a great effort placed on being talent to the community to enrich the area. I talk about the large variety of academic courses that are offered and the choices that fit each persons needs.


I like being a Mustang. The school is completeely connected by tunnels.


There is nothing that I drag about my school, it is a very funny school to go to and I love to go back every year to see my friends and my favorite teachers again.


I talk about the Southwest Marketing Advisory Center because it allows students to work part time while in school gaining real world marketing research experience.


just something rando i did one weekend


My job, and the school organiziations and friends.


Hawiian Night.


The small classes and how easy it is to get one on one time with your professors.


I love my friends, they freakin rock.