Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the extracurricular activities that are offered because there are not very many to pick from and not a lot of opportunities to become involved.


I have had some problems with Registration Office in regards to my majors. Even though I have told them during my June Registration that I wish to double-major in Pre-Chiropractic and Spanish, they only had me listed as a Spanish major. I had problems earlier before that when they only had me as a Pre-Chiropractic and not a Spanish major as well; they kind of flip-flopped. I only just recently acquired BOTH majors. I also believe that they could provide more job opportunities on campus.


One of the worst things about school is some of the class days get to be quite long. On top of long daya most students will have a lot of homework to complete. The second worst thing is that the dorms tend to get loud. The new freshman have not quite adapted to college and spend most of their time yelling and acting up.


I don't like the town. It's too small and the only thing around really is a Walmart. I hate Walmart.


There is nothing that I find wrong about the school, it is a very well established school.


The worst part is the conservative nature of most people here.




The biggest problem is that students who work hard are not rewarded with scholarships while those who get everything handed to them seem to get the most rewards. I received no money from the govt or school to attend and i beleive i am one of the best students on campus because i am involved in just about every organization while maintaining a high GPA and funding my school on my own.


There aren't a lot of sports that are available in your free time.


The food. They just don't have a good enough variety


As much as the Student Activities Committiee tries, most people aren't interested in campus activities - unless they live on campus already. It's hard to get those who live off camus to really do anything on camus except class. More often than not drinking/partying is the preferred past time.


Lack of motivation