Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to go to college and focus on their education. It's a small town, and the school is small with less students. It's really nice because the professors don't have tons of students, so they know you by name and are open to helping everyone. There are a lot of great people that go to school here. Everyone is friendly and helpful including the staff. It's a really great learning environment.


Any and everyone.


A person who should attend this school should be dedicated to learning. Also, it should be someone who likes a smaller campus and likes to be involved on campus. This school encourages campus involvment and many of the people you see each day are familiar. It is a close community.


I think that the kind of person who should attend Southwest Minnesota State University is someone who is happy about attending school and isn't afraid to take chances and get to know people. They should want to better themselves and their situation in life by learning as much as they can in their area of study and be more than willing and open about making friends with everyone including staff to make the campus a better place for everyone involved.


A person who knows how to study. A person who likes participating.


Any person can fit in at this school, there are many different groups.


Anyone who wants a good education for a decent price.


Someone that would like a small school with small town attitude with friendly atmosphere.


Someone who is looking for friendly and personable staff, small class sizes, and an all around good experience.


A person who enjoys smaller towns, with small/intimate class sizes and a general college atmosphere.