Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The company that my school gets its food service from is atrocious. They are lousy, money-grubbing slackers who don't pay a bit of attention to people with special dietary needs (e.g, food allergies, vegetarians, gluten intolerance) and who overcharge for almost everything.


I don't think the Academic Commons area is open late enough. There are certain nights where I have a lot of homework, and it would help if the commons were open till ten or eleven rather than closing at nine.


People go home on the weekends. There is really nothing to do in Marshall if you are not of age to go to the bar, so a lot of people just go home.


There are no on campus jobs unless you have financail aid which they don't give to anybody with a scholarship.


administation cutting programs and funding


The course selection is very limited. There are not very many areas to choose from. The classes offered are not very interesting.