Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The continued saving grace of SMSU is the professors. Well-studied in their specialized fields, it is quite obvious that these educators are brimming over with the information they possess. Always ready to meet during office hours, they seem to genuinely look forward to challenging questions and new insights from their students.


The variety of classes offered


The emphasis on cultural diversity at my school is wonderful. The staff in the academic and diversity resources office are great and very helpful.


The best thing about my school is the faculty members. They are very helpful in answering many different kinds of questions and are almost always available outside of the classroom to discuss or talk about anything from class assignments to regular everyday events. Here at Southwest Minnesota State University I believe that out peers are our best quality because they are very friendly and easy to talk to.


What i consider to be the best thing about my school, is the fact that we have small classes. This means better professor-student relationship's can be fostered. As the professor will be able to share out his time among the students more effectively.


There are a lot of really great people. I feel it's a very social school with a lot of couches and activities in the student center for students to hang out and talk with each other, work on homework, and get to know one another. There are also a lot of really great clubs as well.


I think the small home atmosphere is most apealing to those who want to get a good education at a decent cost. Because I attend a small school everyone makes friends quickly and there is always someone around in the dorm lounges. With a big school I dont think you would get as much personal interaction with your professors as well either. Here, the professors make an effort to get to know their students personally.


Things a person can be active in, such as groups. Getting information out is great here. It lets you feel connected.


I consider the best thing for me is the lack of partying and such. It may be pretty lame, but if there was a ton of parties, I'd be attending them rather than class.


Students and teachers


the atmosphere, it is very relaxed


the small classes, because its easier to learn the material


I like that the professors are easily accessible, and the small community of people that can be found to hang out with that respect you for you.


Good environment.


Here it's like a big family!