Southwest University of Visual Arts-Tucson Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice about college would be this: know what it can and cannot do. It can be a place to discover who you are, but it will not magically make you an exceptional artist. It is a safe place to be able to explore yourself and who you are, both inside and outside visual language. Learn who you truly are, this is the fundamental basis of contemporary art. Try as best as you can to stay on the good side of your professors, they will be writing your recommendation letters later for grad school, residencies, etc. Also, be aware that some professors might be frustrated artists. Avail yourselves of their knowledge and networking; but realize they are not always right. They have their own preconceptions. Be completely truthful and honest in your art. Also, study very hard! Learn all you can on your own outside of classes. Do not party! You are not there for that. If you do, their is a good chance you could get kicked out and have a mountain of debt with nothing to show for it. Use the time others are partying to make art. Also, always be pursuing outside residencies, work study, scholarships, etc.


I have learned a lot more than I thought I would at my school. I only knew so little about photography when I started and now I know so much, like how it started and when the first camera was made and what it looks like. I also know how developing flim is done and how fun it can be and making prints in the darkroom. I would have never learned any of that going to a different college. Also, they students and teachers here make it fun. Sure, there is going to be rough times, but who doesn't experience that? This school understands and works with you if you missed a few classes or was sick. I loved that I chose The Art Center Design College for my school because I have learned so much and have grown up so much in such little time. This is a great college to attend to and get the right classes for your degree. The student aid is also very helpful too. They always have time to speak with a student about general issues or about schedules or even making payments for tutition. This is the perfect school for me.


If I could go back into time and give myself advice about college I would tell myself to take college seriously. This is where you learn to do what you want to do for the rest of your life. Soak in all the information you can and don't be afraid to ask questions. Talk to you teachers, let them know who you are because they can help you when you?re stuck. Don?t just get lost in the crowd or just listen to lectures and that?s it. There is no one telling you to go to class or to do your homework, you have to make that decision yourself. Take the initiative to get the things done that you know should be done. It?s a lot of freedom but don?t get caught up. College is fun and exciting and the things you experience will stay with you forever.


The first thing I would do, if I went back in time to talk to myself, would be to give my other-self a swift smack in the head to get some braing juices flowing. When I graduated high school, I wasn't ready for college at all. I knew what I wanted to major in, but I was burnt out from high school. I played sports year-round and never had time for a job. I needed money and a car when I graduated because without either, I wouldn't get to college. I would tell my other-self to stop listening to my parents sooner when it came to sports, and get a job during high school to get the work experience, and the money to buy my car sooner, that way I'd be able to make it to college eariler. I don't regret where I am today, I regret how long its taken for me to start college. It's taken four years to get where I am, but I've made it, and I'd tell my other-self to never give up; fight for what I want even when it looks impossible.


Hey. I know, I know, don't freak out. Yes it is me, well it's actually you, from the future. Yes, you will go bald. No, threre is still no cure for cancer. No, you still haven't quit smoking. Stop asking me questions, I have something important to tell you about the transition from highschool to college. There is this redhead, whatever you do, don't let her move in. She will steal more than just your heart. You will be focussed on other things and what you really need to focus on is school. Have faith inyour ability. You are one hell of an illustrator and you deserve this chance. Oh, yeah "Google" buy stock at your first opportunity, trust me.


I would tell myself, "Hannah, you have artistic talent. Do not settle for a school that is close to home. You are a hard-working, driven artist, and you can make the most out of any situation you're in. If you have to invest this much money in college, you may as well challenge yourself and apply somewhere out of state. The Art Center is a great school, but you would also do well in a more competitive environment. Also, double major in graphic design and illustration, and minor in fine art.