Southwestern Adventist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?

Saul Asiel

A person that is motivated to learn and a person that is looking to make life long friends. Also this school is for the kind of person that wants to get the most out of thier education by doing team projects, presentations, and reaserch papers.


I believe that everyone is welcome to Southwestern Adventist University; there is more than 57 Nationalities in this university. All the races get along and there lots of social events on campus so students would be able to socialize. We have many people from different places such as Mexico, New York, Korea, China, and Dallas. Our enrollment team is in charge of getting different students on board. I believe Southwestern is a great university. Walking down the sidewalk students always have smiling faces, here at Southwestern no one feels left out. We are family and everyone I welcome on board


People that are not interested in their academic studies and are not willing to put in their part to get good grades and do well in their classes should not come to this school.


The unfocused, undetermined should not come here.


A person hoping to excel in the arts. There is no development at this school for art.


I think that all people would be welcome here and that the oly reason that you would not want to come to this school is if you were not intrested in religion at all since this is an Adventist school.

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