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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Saul Asiel

The advice that I would give myself is to never give up even when it seems like you can't go this just keep going. I would also tell my younger self to continue studing hard for every test and to make friends that will motivate you to do better. Last but not least, i would tell my younger self to alwasy keep God first in my life. He is the one who has granted me the ability to think and to comprehend things. So always keep him first in your life and he will work miracles for you.


As a high school I always was looking forward to collage, but one advice I would give myself is do not stress, find your priorities and do not say yes to everything, you will find yourself with no time. Collage is great if you know how to mange.


Going back in time, talking to myself, I would say: "Build a foundation for yourself. Nothing is more important than getting into college. You will never have this chance again. You're able to mess up now, but don't take advantage of it. Work on your spiritual life and focus on what matters. Don't let others get you down they aren't going to be around forever. Respect yourself and others, Learn to focus and use your time wisely, but most of all reconize that you can do anything you set your mind to because it's all about motivation.


Every student should expect hurdles in college and all should be prepared. If I were to go back in time I would have a plan put into writing by my advisor and by records to make sure I can graduate in 4 years. I put too much faith into my advisor to have my best interest in mind. Everything that I expected was not at all what I thought it would turn out to be. Many events took place that caused me to take more classes than expected which in turn cost me more time and money. If I could do things different I would have looked into the school I went into a little bit deeper and made a four year plan. I would have scheduled my classes all the way to graduation day. If I would have done that I would not be as stressed to graduate. If I would have done that I would not have such a finicial burden and an overload of classes. If I were to give myself any kind of advise it would be not to assume that my advisor knows whats best and have a complete plan before making a big desistion.


It seems that as a senior in high school you know everything, I know with great certainty that that is very wrong. I would tell myself that I needed to find a way to go to college full-time, instead of going part-time and working. I would tell myself to take advantage of all the opportunities offered and get involved in everything that I could because it really does pay off later down the road. I could tell myself to never ever play around with a single grade, no matter how small I thought it was, because every grade really does count in the long run especially after high school. Be a sponge and take in all that you can now, and don’t take anything for granted. Make good study habits in high school that last throughout college life. I would like to tell myself to have fun, go to your prom. I did not go to my prom, and that is one experience I would love to have back. Last but not least do not forget why you are pursuing your education, always remember your goals and don’t lose reach of them for anything or anyone.


As a 32 year old woman attending a university full of fresh high school graduates my first year of college has been an adjustment. I would love to go back in time and give myself some sound advice. The first advice would be on how to prepare myself for college. I would tell myself to learn how to study and create good study habits now while school still comes easy to you. I would then tell myself to not worry about that boy that you think is so special and to go to the college you want because if you stay here and attend the junior college it is way too easy to drop out. If he doesn’t want to wait on you or try a long distance relationship then he is really not worth it. Boys don’t always last but that degree will last a lifetime. I would tell myself that college is so much harder when you are older and have more responsibilities. I would also tell myself that not going away to college you are missing out on so many social opportunities and making those friends that last a lifetime.


It’s bizarre to think that I’m not the same person I was just a couple of years ago. Yet, I am – the one and only me. Feeling evermore wise, (100% likely deceptively) I have an abundance of things I would love to convey to myself. I imagine that once the conversation initiated, (once we got past the whole awkward meeting yourself thing…), it would proceed somewhat similarly to the following: Listen here, dear me, do not let anyone else try to rule what you really are; we both know your true ambitions, what wholeheartedly drives you each day. Pronounce those ideas, and let them be heard, escaping your mind. Lose any fear in branching out, and just do it – you could (and will) make new friends, of which some appear to be for the long haul. Furthermore, the camaraderie you manufacture will help you achieve nearby goals more easily in the educational world as well as on the floor at work. Let your musical taste flourish (embrace The Beatles – you’ll admire them soon enough!). Finally, in tangent with diversifying yourself and meeting new people, always remember the people who shaped you into who you are, today.


You don't know me , but I know you. I don't want you to utter a word. I want you to sit there and listen. Just for a moment and you'll never see me again. This year in high school you've grown more than all of your years of education combined. You know life hasn't always been kind to you. You've had to fight for everything you've ever had, yet you’ve made it this far and that is truly amazing. I dislike telling you this though, but your not done fighting; not by a long shoot. Pick up your shoulder off the floor. Stop pouting! Baby! I'm here to tell you that you'll make it. All those naysayers , all those people who excelled way before you've ever had dream of spreading your wings and flying away. Will fall to sides as you slowly climb up mountain of successes. It will take you time and you'll will struggle more than others will . Just keep on fight and trying and doing what you've always done best. Never give up and you will make it.


As you finish high school and look to your future, seriously consider where God wants you to be. Go there. Fear not. God is with you. College is not like high school. It's more structured, more fun, and much more rewarding. Leaving home is scary, but God is with you and will guide and protect you. You still have your family to support you from afar. The staff is friendly and helpful. God can work out your finances, trust Him. You will learn alot of new and exciting things. Look ahead and attempt to finish homework and long projects ahead of time. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Be open to learning new things. Work hard. Rest well. Stay close to God. Be faithful and honest in all you do. Pray over every relationship. Enjoy this time. Praise. Praise. Praise God in everything.You will save yourself alot of pain and suffering by taking this big step of going to college. Your life will never be the same. It will be better. You won't regret it.


To start out talking to the "past" me, I would say, "have fun while you are in highschool." The memories from high school seem to be the greatest memories. With that said, I do not mean have all the fun. There is a threshold in which I say "fun". Preparation for college is really lethal. Choosing a correct degree, studying for standardized tests, and practicing living as an independent individual are some of the foundations of starting college correctly. In summary, I would say, "have fun, but be aware that after highschool there is a huge step coming up.


High School is not just a time for fun, excitement, and discovery; it is a time that you will never get back! Take this time to make long term and short term objectives and goals for your future. In order for these to flourish you need to keep your studies up and continuously talk with your counselors at school to ensure you are on the right track. Your Junior High School year will be very important because this is the time that you should be researching the colleges you are thinking about attending. Organization skills will be very important during this time as you will be scheduling college visits and meeting their admittance representatives. Once you have decided which college is lucky enough to have you, you need to keep in continuous contact with the admittance representative, as they are one of the people in your circle that will help guide you during the next few years. If this sounds like a plan to you then study, do research, plan, organize, and talk to as many people you can regarding your future. Please don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because then will be too late!


I would tell myself that I woud really have to work hard at it and to never give up because it would be fun. It will be a lot of hard work but you'll enjoy it. Make sure to get enough sleep every night and read your textbook. Don't let yourself get distracted and always apply yourself. If you don't understand something make sure you learn it. Don't ever procrastinate because it won't help you in any way. Make sure to always keep your priorities straight. Have fun!


If I had the chance to go back in time what I would tell my senior self is to expect the unexpected and prepare to study hard. As a senior in high school I really didn’t know exactly what to expect. Then once there everything I didn’t know to expect sort of toppled me once I got there. I had never been fully responsible for my expenses until I was on my own in college. That was a set back somewhat but I managed to learn quickly on how to manage myself and make due. Something else I wasn’t expecting was how much more studying I had to do. After senior year I really wasn’t too accustomed to having to make time to study and when I went to college I had to make time because of my slipping grades.


If I can go back in time when I was a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life. I would have told myself not to be intimated or scared of going away for college. I also would have told myself to aspire for greatness and success. When I was a high school senior, I would have told myself that 4 years is not a long time and that time will fly by. I would also have told myself that looking into a 2 year career is a waste of time because I will end up changing my major anyhow. I would have told myself that determination and perseverance will always get you far.. I would have also told myself that people would try to influence you to do things like partying, drinking, and smoking. Therefore; always think twice before taking part anything you would regret in the long run. Most of all I would tell myself, to love myself first before loving someone else. Lastly, I would have told myself that the memories from College would last a lifetime so make the best of it.


As I have grown older and wiser with more experience, I would tell myself to work before play. I would have applied to different universities instead of just one. I would have also told myself to look more into financial aid, since becoming a nurse practitioner takes money and time. But other than that, I have done very well in high school my senior year, considering I took twenty-one credit hours of community college while still going to high school.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself in high school i would say, "Start looking for scholarships now." Scholarships are very important for me right now. My parents dont pay for my college expenses so its my responsibility to pay for my education. i wish i would have realized how much time is wasted with working. I would say, "try harder. Look ahead. Life won't always be as easy as high school."


Pay attention in English classes. Learn how to make good writen essays, you will be doing a lot of essays in college. Also learn how to study, because in college you will have to teach yourself about the subject. Remember that you are going to college to graduate, so try not to be pulled into the strong current of parting and not going to class.


My advice to parents is to make sure your taxes are filed on time so that your child can do their FAFSA on time. This is very important because if money is an issue for you, having the FAFSA results early can help you determine what else needs to be done so that you will be able to provide for your child's education. My advice to students would be to have an idea about what you want study so that you don't get the run around from administration concerning classes. Also, be active and do not depend on your parents for everything because once classes start its all you from there on. NEVER PROCRASTINATE! Think about the consequences of your actions before you do anything, and if you're planning to do something you know is wrong, make sure you are able to face the consequences. You are an adult now, and that is how you will be treated. With these few words of wisdom, both parents and students will be well on their way to enjoying the college experience. GOOD LUCK! :)


I would tell them to visit every college and look over the likes and dislikes of every college. i would advise the parents to let the final decision to the student and to always support the student no matter what. I would advise the student to go to the college that will help them more in their future career.


I would say to make sure you visit the campus first before you actually attend and make sure you talk to your potential future professors about the major you are thinking of choosing.


In general, finding the right college is like a lot of things in life. You can find what you're looking for, and you will. For example, if I went to any college looking for parties, I could find them. If I looked at any college for friends, I'd find them. One must decide what they want out of a college before they begin. Attitude is almost everything. When you start college, assume to spend all of your time studying, then when you have extra time it's especially exciting. Set boundaries for yourself and seek balance. Do your best in all you so you can be proud for all your hard work.


The advice I would give a parent or a student about finding the right college is to first pray about it. Leave it in Gods and do research on the different options you have. Set up visit times to check out the different campuses and the opportunities they have for you. Narrow it down. Don't limit yourself to one college do the paperwork for your several options. God will close the door for some and open it for others. Ultimately God will put you where he wants you and you need to be, and will work it all out. To make the best of your college experience make lots of friends, be open minded give your classes the most you have, work hard, and never ever let go of God's hand. Know that whatever happens he'll be by your side, waiting for you.


Really look for what you want. Don't go to a univeristy just based on one thing. There are many factors that influence how you will perform, so take them all into consideration. Also, the size of a university makes a big difference in the type of social life you plan on having so take that into consideration also.


Put friends, money, and practicality aside and chase your dream. Don't let your logic stand in the way of finding something you truly want to do for the rest of your life. The money you spend in college is an investment towards happiness, not contentment. A practical degree will not bring you happiness, but doing what you love will. The time and funds put toward your degree will forever haunt you if you do not choose to spend them on something you love. Do not be afaid to chase your dreams.


It all comes down to where you enjoy yourself while you learn new things. And that means that there are almost certainly multiple good options, So don't sweat the decision - if you hate it, you can transfer, if you find a better oppurtunity later, you can take it.


For those people looking for the right college I would tell them to see what majors they offer and see if you would have to transfer schools to complete your major. It is hard to start at one school and move on to another one after you have a life started at another one. Also look at the activities that they offer on campus. Do any of them suit you? Also do not be afraid to make friends. Friends are what makes the college experience so much more fun!


Find a college that will respect your beliefs and that would support you in whatever ways necessary. Student-teacher interaction is very hard to come by when you go to big colleges that accepts thousands and thousands of students. Also college experience should be a fun experience but there is limits to what fun is. Drinking, sex, and drugs should not be part of your college experience. Most of all just enjoy being in college and making friends that will help you become a better person.

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