Southwestern Assemblies of God University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University?


A Christian person should attend this school, specifically someone that wants to attend a university that embraces Christ everyday.


A student who wants to grow in the Lord, and follow the rules while getting a very balanced and great education.


Someone that desires a stronger relationship with God, wants to be involved in helping the community and doing outreaches or mission trips, plans on going into the ministry or wants to have a strong Biblical foundation to be a witness of Christ in a secular field such as education or business. Also a person who enjoys small schools and classes, is gifted in music, and wants to build strong relationships with their fellow students and teachers. People who like to have intelligent, experienced, and well educated professors who will teach them well and mentor them should also attend this school.


Someone looking to grow spiritually and academically.


people that are ministry focused and are willing to follow all the rules and regulations...


A person who has truly sold their soul to God and is a slave to His will. SAGU is a school that delights in doing God's will and chasing after him and the faculty's main goal is to prepare each of their students for what God has called them to do. Any non-christian attending this school would most likely be miserable and that is how it should be.