Southwestern Assemblies of God University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Christians wanting to go into ministry


If someone isn't true to their faith and willing to follow strict Biblical standards, he/she should reconsider th choice.


SAGU has an open enrollment policy. They do not have strict academic policy for acceptance but they do require that you are a Christian or are choosing to accept christian behaviors and morals.


If you don't like a group of people to hang out with, and willing to help you with your school work. But who doesn't like that!


A non-Christian, anyone else, no matter what kind of background you have or what denomination you were raised in. The people, the services, and the classes are wonderful and suited to anyone in my personal opinion.


The only person I say that should not attended this school is someone who does not love the Lord. This school is very indepth in the spiritual sense and the presence of the Lord is strong here. For someone who does not know Jesus they would probably not want to go to SAGU because of the Chapel service and the high regard for spiritual life here. Although there are people here who don't have a relationship with the Lord, and this is a good place to begin a relationship if they don't have one already.


A person who does not like to follow rules and is lazy. Someone who is opposed the the Bible and Christianity, does not want to be involved in the community or outreaches, and does not like kind, friendly people. Also, a person who likes being in a large, crowded school should not attend Southwestern.


Somebody who doesn't believe in God


If you don't want a strong christian environment I would not suggest this school.


Openminded or non right wing radical. If you'r not a hardcore bible thumping Christian. If you enjoy haning out with friends in the evening(there is a curfue). If you want to be part of a fraternity or serority. If you would like to log onto the internet on a speed faster than dialup. Then this school is not for you. I would go on but I am limitted to 100 words. This school sucks for anyone who is social and does things other than whitnessing and school work.