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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Search for more scholarships before coming.


Knowing what I know now, after spending two and a half years in college, I would like to tell my former high school senior self to learn to study. College is not the same as high school. You do not always have someone reminding you to turn something in or make sure you get this done. Procrastination does not always work out so well when you have a big load. In the past few years of college, I have learned to rely on myself to plan on when to study and when assignments are due. I am working full time to pay for college so time management is extremely important. I would also tell myself to save as much money as possible for college. College is not free and in fact can be rather expensive. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Even the small amounts add up and it's free money. Taking your basic classes at a junior college or community college can save you thousands of dollars before you transfer to a university. The last thing I would add is, stay focused on your education. Because it is not free, don't waste it!


College is fun but it takes more than just showing up to class. You have to be goal oriented and manage your time wisely. Interact with different students and be friendly. Take each course serioulsy and don't ditch! Get close to your professors. Be in school activities and find yourself study partners. College comes with responsabilities.


Always be careful of who you associate yourself with. Before people know you they will make assumptions about you, it may not be right but it is going to happen so by careful. The people that you meet in college are going to most likely be with you for a lifetime especially the ones that are going into the same line of business as you, do not make enemies. These people could show up later on in life and if you made enemies with them back in college then it will still stick with you in your forties. Make sure not to associate with the ones who everyone knows is bad news, these people are not meant to be in your life anyways. If those relationships are not helping you then there is no reason to keep it going. That may seem harsh and you do not want to make enemies but you also have to realize that this is the real world now. These are not petty high school relationships but they are life time relationships, choose them wisely.


I would tell myself to just do it and stay focused. There are so many distractions and it is easy to let them pull you away from the primary goal. I would tell myself that fear has no place in my life and I would remingd myself that God has a plan for my life.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college life, I would definitly tell myself "Work harder in school. Pay more attention to your studies and your academic goals. Once you leave high school, all of your friends are not going to be as important. They will not be there to support you or to push you to greater things. Focus on preparing yourself for college, and nothing else. Study hard, and improve your grades. Apply for scholarships and grants to pay for school, because it will not be cheap. Give your goals 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}! You can do it, I know you can. There will be oppositions and it will not be as easy as it sounds, but if you do that, it will definitly be worth it later on down the road. Make your parents proud that you're achieving what they were not about to do. But above all, push towards your goals and dreams, and don't let anyone get in the way of your reaching them!"


Be more motivated scholastically. Sports are something that won't last forever. The scholarships that are available to you with your academics will help you immensly. Carry that motivation on through your time in college, because if you can do that, the transition then to the real world will be much easier, having that discipline in place. Otherwise, you have to find that discipline, rekindle that fire to drive you through. When you get to college, befreind the kid across the hall as soon as you can. Otherwise, you'll spend the first few months alone and miserable, only to eventually find out that this kid is the greatest friend you'll ever have, and two years later is your roommate. Save yourself the two month trouble, and get right to it. Lastly, the dreaded freshman 15. Don't eat the banana puding ice cream everyday. Yea it is good, but you'll have to put in a lot of effort to get back into shape. Convince the kid to come to the gym with you, and before you know it, you both will find two wonderful ladies at the end of your second year , and going steady with them.


Now I see that you want to get out of high school and move on to college as soon as possible. That's totally understandable. However, with more freedom comes more responsibilities, so I will give you the most important advice to understand during your college years. In my experience, the best way for you to start your higher education is to attend a local community college. Two reasons: 1. The courses are much more affordable, and fully accredited, meaning they will count as your first two years towards your Bachelor's degree 2. You can live in the place that you are familiar with, so you don't feel lost or alienated when you go to college and are trying to find your classes, where to live, where to find your groceries, all that stuff. Another vitally important thing you must do is that you need to be proactive in your education. Take your classes seriously, save your money for important things like books, and look around your school and become aware of opportunites and resources that are open and available to you. Believe me, if you do this, you will get the most out of your college education.


As a high school senior, I just knew that I wanted to follow the voice of the Lord. I didn't realize how challenging and rewarding college would be. If I could talk to my senior self, I would encourage myself to remember that I am never alone. I will not be the only person leaving everyone I have ever known. I will make new friends. I would make myself aware of the fact that I will change. My beliefs will become more of my own. I will be responsible for myself. I will make mistakes, but these mistakes will help me become a better person. I would encourage myself to seek the Lord because He is the only one who remains constant in such a changing world. I would encourage myself to never stop making friends and to be aware that my future husband could be anywhere. God will surprise me, and I should be ready to accept whatever gift He gives. Keep working hard because one day it will all be worth it. Education never ends, so don't dread it, but see it as a gift.


Don't ever give up on your dream. When you think that God is calling you to do something diffrent, seek him in prayer and ask for the council of others. Be intuitive and very quick to question anything and everything. Come to college to learn, but don't only seek the knowledge of the world, find out more about yourself and your God. When all else fails go to your family. They are your blood and share the same dreams that you have for yourself. Don't slack off, find friends and find them fast. When you think you are beyond help, it's your friends that will be there to help you in every situation.


I would slap myself and say chose wisely! I chose this college becuase my parents recommended it to me. I thought that they would know best so I went along with it. The school is nice and all but I could have picked a bigger school for the price. I would also tell myself to look for more financial aid. School is quite expensive! Lastly, I would tell myself not to be nervous and enjoy everyday of school. School is much better than working my tail off everyday to make rent.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to begin looking for scholoarships early. Also, I would recommend to go to a community college to get the basics out of the way. If you do this, and make sure that the classes transfer into the school you want to go to, it will save you a lot of money.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry. I would reassure myself that college is not as difficult and as scary as everyone says it is. I would give myself the advice of, "just be yourself." Also, I would have made sure that I made better grades in high school. Another bit of advice I would give myself would be to always take an opportunity! I would not let myself pass up amazing opportunities that could have helped me advance my college career and experience.


If I were to offer myself advice as a high school senior it would be in four separate themes. I would advise myself to be well diversified in experience and community service, I would stress the importance of keeping my grades at the top of my class, I would emphasize the importance of planning early for financial aid and college entrance applications, and I would stress the need to check periodically with a school academic counselor all options and opportunities presented with a designated college major. The diversification of experience in community service would ensure that I had the proper portfolio of experience when applying for future scholarships, colleges, and occupations. Staying in the top percentile in my class opens the doors to many scholarships and college entries. Numerous occupations also request information about previous academic standing. Applying early for financial aid and college entry removes the stress and chaos of last- minute submission and lost opportunities because of waiting lists. Finally, regular visits with the school academic counselor ensure that misunderstandings in regard to major expectations, time duration, and subsequent job applicability will not become a hindrance to the student. These four themes would encompass my advice to myself.


Dear Mariana, How are you enjoying your Senior year? Lot's of time on your hands, and it's loads of fun I bet. Don't take this time foregranted though. I know you had a rough first three years of high school, but don't worry everything gets loads better! Once you leave for school you and mom will get better I promise. Just make sure you study hard this year, and have fun but don't forget that this is your last chance to show everything you've got! Choose your priorities wisely because you won't have Mom and Dad in Texas to tell you not to do something. Even though they are all the way in Pennsylvania it doesn't mean that they aren't there for you. College is an experience you will never forget, so make the most of it while you can. Nows the time in your life that you can actually be selfish and find out what you want for your future. Don't be afraid you can do this, and God is there to guide you. Love, Mariana in the future


First off, let me say that this is a great question! I ask myself this all the time. In high school all i cared about was playing baseball, and being the class clown. Those are my two favorite things to do in life. Play baseball, and be the one who brings laughter to those around me. If i could go back in time, i would tell myself to focus more on school. I did enough just to get by. I know i have it in me to be an outstanding student. I know what i am capable of, i just lost site of that. I would tell myself to focus harder on my studies, and to push myself harder and harder everyday to become the baseball player that i have dreamed of being since the age of four. I have absolute faith in myself that had i studied harder and worked harder to become a better baseball player that i could have been accepted into a huge big-time university. I couldn't be prouder to be attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University though. I get to work on my relationship with God while continuing my education and playing baseball.


"Work hard, because it will pay off!" These are words I would have kept telling myself during my high school career. I always did my best in high school, but I never understood why; Now i do! For me, college has been a great experience because of the fact that it has more freedom, and we are in control of our destiny, but I am thankful to high school for teaching me this crucial concept. High school always came easy for me, and at many times I didnt have to work hard, or put much effort in, but going back there were a lot of times where I would slack off, and I cannot do that anymore! There is too much at stake! So if I could go back in time I would tell myself to "Work hard, because it WILL pay off!" I believe I did well in high school, but you can always do better! I am planning on doing better in college!


If I could go back in time, I would make sure I looked into more colleges and went with one where I could get the same kind of education and at the same level, but one that wasn't so expensive. Also, I would ensure myself that just because I am a freshman does not mean I have to act like a "typical" freshman. Doing ALL of my school work is crucial and getting as many scholarships and as much financial aid as possible will really help in t he long run!


the advice id give my self is give it your all , in all 4 yrs because it actually really counts in college , and be ready to know what you plan to study because college is a whole different ball game then high school, becasue they dont baby you..ha its up to you if you wanyt to wake up and go to class the teahcers still get paid and dont care if you show up or not.


Dear Me, If you are reading this, I was able to send a letter back in time, I want to give you some advice. Please work out more, get in the habit continue to play basketball and soccer you will feel better and make more friends. Go out for more plays you can do it. dont be shy you are great! But most importantly STUDY! learn from someone some how how to study . The work is going to get harder and you will need to know how to study in order to do your best. Don't sell your self short reach for the stars if you fall or miss them learn from the mistakes get back up and try to catch the next star you find. Heed my advice, Me


Assurance, professional and spiritual growth, and preparation are a few elements gained thus far through my studies at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. I have gained assurance and confirmation that my chosen major and career is the appropriate path for my life and ministry. Through the daily chapels I have grown closer to my God and have attained a deeper walk in my faith. The classes which are taught from a Biblical perspective have also encouraged this growth while culturing and enhancing me in my professional abilities. Furthermore, SAGU has well equipped me to enter into my field of study.


I came into college a boy I graduated from College a man. College taught me how to be more mature and independent. Being in College also taught me how to be thankful for my upbringing. Being in College taught me patience and perserverance. The reace is not given to the strong but him that endureth until the end. College has been valuable for me because I met great God-fearing friends that pray for me daily.


College has begun to teach me the important tools I will always need for my future. It has helped me become a more knowledgable and worldly person. The shy, quiet girl I have always been is gone, and I am now able to communicate effectively with the people around me. My college experience has led me down the path to my future.


I am only on my second day at school here in all honesty, But the people I have been around during that time, the friendships I have made are outstanding and they are all great guys to hang around and I can tell that I will absolutely love and enjoy this school year. By the end of this year, its not the education that I will value the most, but the friendships, life lessons and joyful memories that I will have from this. That is what I expect to leave here with, the diploma I will leave here with from this university will be just another way to remember the memories I will have in my eyes


i have learned many things that will be helpfull for my future career, these include the use of varios machines and holding positive argument. due to many classes that i take every semester, i have learned to work hard and to manage my time well. i have also made a lot of friends and i have developed socialization skills. as i keep on with my studies, i learn things that gives me ability to think criticaly and solve defferent obstacles in my life as well as my society. i feel fortunate for being in college, and i am sure that i will use all the skills that i acquire to benefit me and those around me.


I have first of all recieved a higher education, but also I have finished 18 hours. I have grown in my Christian Faith.


The first thing I would tell myself is to develope a good strong devtional life. Get more rooted in the word. WIth a foundation in Christ everything else won't seem as shaky. Next I would tell myself to develope a strong and steady study habit. Get everything in order and organized with my school work and study times. I would tell myself to manage my time wisely and work hard. After that, I would tell myself to get a real job. Employers want someone with experience so I should take whatever job I can get in high school. Then I would tell myself to do more scholarships. The pain of not doing more scholarships in high school will live with me for the next 10-20 years as I pay off my loans. Hopefully, knowing all of this as a high school senior would have better prepaired me for college life and even life there after. That is, if I would have take my own advice.


If I could go back and give my self advice, I would encourage my self to try harder in high school in order to have a higher GPA. I would also encourage my self to be more disciplined and always do my best. Start my college classes as soon as I can, do not slack off and put friends and relationships before studying or doing homework. Plan ahead, use a planner to write my assigments and make sure I meet every deadline. Another advice would be to look for tutoring help if I need it in any subject. I would advice my self to attend to class every day and pay close attention to the professors.


So, listen here work hard in your classes now and get a good GPA so you can win more scholarship money!! Also apply for all scholarships you are qualified for you. Precaution: College is EXPENSIVE!! Also take the time you have now to make friends and enjoy your free time! Do not stress over popluarity because you will not stay close friends with most of them. Do not get me wrong you will still have a few friends from High school. Reach out to your fellow students who are in need of a freind. Take the time know to talk to your close friends because when your in college it becomes hard to keep in contact.College demands more of your time, but if you schedule your day you will find you have more time! The more you prepare now the more you will be ready! You think you study for school now just wait to you get in college. Most of all I want you to have fun your senior year!!


I would tell myself to save more money and to know as much about loans as possible.


Look up more scholarships, pick one school and stay with it, get better study habits, save your money, prioretize your responsibilities, choose your friends wisely, focus on God, and finish as quickly as possible.


I would tell myself to not worry, that the transition is much easier than it seems. I would tell myself that though college can be tough and is expensive, that it is also fun and provides experiences and an education that are extremely useful in life, making the cost and hardwork well worth it.


To find the right college, one should look for the school that meets their wants and needs so that they are comfortable, and receive the best possible education and opportunities for their degree and future career choice. Asking friends, family, and mentors that are currently in the career of your choice about the schools they attended is an excellent way to find the best college. To make the most of the college experience, on should take advantage of all the opportunities their school offers such as internships, volunteering, clubs, tutoring, sports, and events. They should also take advantage of the wisdom and experience of their professors and try to absorb as much information from them as possible, and work hard in the classroom so that they will be more prepared for life and their future career. They should work hard and do their best, but also take advantage of social events in order to build life long relationships.


Check out many different schools before choosing the right one. Make sure they have a good program for the degree that you would like to go for and also make sure you believe what the school believes in and does.


I had to actually go on campuses to know if it was the right school for me. If you don't feel comfortable walking around the campus it might not be the right place. Talk to students who currently go there and definitely do your research before you just pick a school.


If you are looking for a wholesome Christain environment to be in then Sagu is the school for you.


Know what your kids really Want to do. Find a school that is acredited with that major. Visit the school, and if you kid doesn't like it then don't send them there no matter how much you may think it is great. I am way more motivated to do my work somewhere I enjoy being. Also if you kid has a fried and they want to go to the same school and room togethor, let them. If your kid doesn't know what they want to do. Then just let them go to a college of their choice and Do Not Pressure them. You want them to be sucsesfull and happy, being forced into a field you don't want to be, no matter how profitable it may be, does not encourage that. Finally send you kids care packages and don't call them all the time. One of they reasons they are at college is so they don't have to be around you all the time. Let them move on with their lives.


Don't focus a lot on the campus size but look more into social, spiritual and academic


There are many areas of importance to consider when in search for the perfect college for the future college attendee. Each student needs to know what they want out of their college experience and look into every aspect of it. In my experience I made sure to first take time to sit down and write out what I was looking for in a college. It is very important for each student to sit down and envision the college that will fit their personaily as well as their needs, dreams, and goals. Students need to make a list of qualities desired in a college and also ones that they want to stay far away from. This will get them thinking about what they are looking for. The next process is to look. Study up and read about different colleges. Find the best one for you. Next seek guidance from mutiples sources this can be from past college students, current college students, and most importantly God. The combination of all things help the student discover not only what college they are looking for, but also a little something about themselves. Lastly, go apply and trust that God will open the door.


I would tell them to weigh all of their options carefully and to visit as many of their prospective colleges as possible. It's always helpful to talk to current students. Make sure to immerse yourself in the school and participate in the things that interest you.


My first advice would be to start looking around the sophmore or junior year of high school. My advice would be to select the top ten colleges of their choice. I would have the student pick five that they would enjoy attending, and have the parent pick five that they would most like to see their student attend. After the choosing was done I would ask them to review every single aspect possible for each college and find the one that is suitable for the student. I would advise them to first think about a reasonable price range that would suit them well, and take out the schools that cost more than their price range. After that, I would encourage them to research the rest of the schools; find the best environment, find out what classes are offered, find out how far away from home it is, etc. I would tell them to eliminate the schools less suitable. When the elimination was brought down to the top three schools, I would encourage them to visit each school to get a feel for the most comfortable campus life for the student. Once the visitation is over, the school should be chosen.


Get what you desire above any other consideration. Location, values, etc.


Try your best to know what you want. Not just as a major, but in housing, financial help, atmosphere, environment, and all. The small things that you think are unimportant do have a great impact in the end. Go to a school that offers you a lot of financial help so that you can concentrate in class, instead of worrying about how to pay the next bill. Go somewhere that fits who you are. Then, embrace it. If your school changes you, accept it. No matter where you go, change will take place.


Go to different Campus Day events that are offered by most colleges. Have multiple colleges in mind in case you are not accepted to the initial college of your choice. Pray


I think its really about where the student wants to be. Parents, be sure its a safe environment where your students can grow and be postively influenced. Students don't just go to a school because your parents want you to be there. Make the most of your college experience by getting involved in different actvities, hang out with diffrent kinds of people, do things you wouldn't normally, but most importantly stay true to yourself. Be prepared for a lot of learning, not only academically, but self learning as well. Always reevaluate and make sure where you are makes you happy, just because you are going to school with a big name doesn't mean its where you should be. Your college experience and happiness while you're there is more important than any school name on your diploma.


Try to find a school that works well with you. You don't want to be stuck there for a long period of time and not like it. Go to see the different schools that you are interested in. That way you can get a feel of how the school is.


Bend your ear towards God's whisper and follow what He tells you. Listen to the wisdom of the men and women who have already experienced what you have not; they really do know what they are talking about. Don't make decisions based completely on emotion or completely on logic. There should be a balance between the two. Live life to the very fullest and treasure every moment because once it is past, there's no going back in time to relive what you didn't appreciate or grasp the value of the first time. Old habits die hard and especially this one: don't allow yourself to get so caught up in the busyness of life that you forget to live. Savor every moment and exploit every second of your God-given life to further God's glory and eternal kingdom.