Southwestern Assemblies of God University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is a Christian school that offered my desired degree on line


The best thing about my school was the qualified professors who were very personable with the students. Many of the educators were available after hours to consult and to encourage the students in their progress. They were qualified to answer many of the more complex questions students had concerning their majors and the out come of their studies.


Very versitile, and there's a lot of things to do so your never bored.


The best thing about my school is the friendly, laid back atmosphere. Everybody there is very nice and social. I have not met one person on campus that i haven't liked. Everyone there is very friendly and encouraging and they take the time to welcome you and get to know you. It's just an all around very welcoming place.


It has a great environment! Everyone is very friendly, and if you're going to find God, you will! The teachers are fantastic and the students are all very gracious. So the best quality of my school is it is a great environment!


SAGU is a family. You can fell the love when you walk on campus. They will always back you up, the friends I make here I know will be there for me the rest of my life.


Friends and education can't be beat.


The best thing about my school is the environment I learn in. There is always time to relax, and there is always time to work. It's a "laid back" environment that allows me freedom to do what I need to do to get my school work done, and it also allows me the time I need to rest when I feel overwhelmed.


I would say the professors because amiss all the closed-minded, conservative, religious, and legalistic rules and administration, they stay true to themselves. They promote diversity, critical thinking, and change. They are intelligent, profound, and caring people. I would not be at this school anymore, if it were not for my professors. I owe all that I am to them.


I think the best things about my school is that we are all in the same page. Its nice to be able to go to a school were you know that the teachers have the same relgious view as you do. The teachers are able to discuss relious views and not feel that they have to hold back because they might offend someone that doesnt believe the same.