Southwestern College-Winfield Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


While I attended Southwestern College I thought that the worst thing was the city that it was located in, Winfield, KS. I would have preferred to live in a little bit larger town or city where there was more going on. The campus always had activities going on, but sometimes I wished that the community had more restaurants and events going on to get involved with. However, Wichita, KS was only forty-five minutes away, so if you felt like driving then you could always go there for more variety.


I would consider it to be the music program that Southwestern has, because a school isnt anything without its band there to support the teams that are playing.


Disability needs


There aren't many things to do on the weekend. It is a small town so you might get bored.


The advising process. It seems like none of the professors/teachers know what they are talking about when advising students.